20 June 2010

Lame training?

Congrats to Clown who graduated with 2:59:05 in Perth Marathon today. Way to go, man!

So out of the three amigos (Clown & Epi), that leaves me alone still learning at school and yet to pass the exam !

Week 2 of 18 to Melbourne

Monday (threshold):
3k warm up
Mottram Tempo
15 mins, 15mins, 10mins at different HR, 2mins jog in between
1st set: 5mins each @ 4:09 - 4:03 - 3:58 min/k = 15mins
2nd set: 5mins each @ 4:10 - 4:03 - 3:57 min/k = 15mins
3rd set: 3mins each @ 4:11(spent 15 secs to tie laces) - 4:03 - 3:55 min/k plus 1min hard = 10mins
40mins of work covering 9.9k (av pace 4:03)
2k cool down
Total session (w/u + c/d) 16k in 71:35 (av 4:29 min/k)

Buster Tempo is 3x15mins with 1min jog in between, where the first 5mins was run at 165 bpm, next one at 170, and the last one at 175. The correct way would be, of course, to do the session at certain % of Max HR since everyone has different threshold HR, but the good thing is that they coincide with my HR for MP (160-165 bpm), HM pace (165-170), and my 15k pace (175). In essence, the varied HRs touch the lactate threshold point and also slightly above and below it. Recovery was lengthened to 2mins in between the 15mins, which is probably more suitable for my level. By the end of 2nd set, I got dehydrated and to play it safe, I shortened the last set to 10mins.

My aggregate 'pace vs HR' was 4:10 min/km @ 165, 4:03 @ 167, and 3:57 @ 173 - all fall between 10k pace and MP. Overall, it was a good 'change of pace' threshold session, with me almost covering 10k in 40mins including the time to tie up shoe laces but excluding recovery jogs.

Tuesday (easy):
47mins easy (av 5:15min/km)
60 v-ups with med ball

Wednesday (interval):
4k warm up, CCAB track
8 x 800m, with 200m recovery
Splits: 2.56.81, 2.59.25, 2.57.33, 2.58.07, 2.57.02, 2.57.89, 2.58.85, 2.55.28 = average 2.57.50
Recovery jogs, averaging in 1.15
6k cool down
Total session (w/u + c/d) 18k in 85:40 (av 4:45 min/km)

Tweaked the Yasso 800 to be a VO2max workout by shortening the recovery to ~40% rest-to-work ratio (versus 100% rest/work ratio in a standard Yasso). The weather was super humid/muggy and legs were a bit heavy during warm up. Felt the burn in last couple reps, and I don't think I could do more unless if I take longer recovery (or maybe I am not fit enough??). Average times for the 800s were 2.57.50 (3:42 min/km pace) for 6400m of 5k-paced work. The results show Yasso's poor predicitive value for the marathon. My longest run so far is 27km and there is no way I could run 2.57.xx marathon right now even if my life depends on it. Anyways, one good thing to know is that if I don't have the speed to run these under 3 minutes, then I can forget about trying for a sub-3 marathon lol

Thursday (easy):
40mins easy treadmill (av 5:35 min/km)
20mins weights (lower & upper body)

Friday (easy):
40mins easy treadmill (av 5:15 min/km)
including 6 strides
60 v-ups with med ball

Saturday (long):
31k long run in 2h:35m (av 5:00 min/km)

The plan was to do 32k, but I was just too knackered. Another super-humid morning, shoes were 'flooded' with sweat (yuk). Time excluded 10mins worth of drink stops

Sunday (off):
Rest, core exercises

89k for the week, with two good workouts (Yasso intervals + Buster tempo) and a so-so 2.30 hour+ long run. I found that I made some gains in terms of workouts (both tempos & intervals), but still struggled with my long run pace. Hopefully, the pace will pick-up as weeks and months go by. Another thing that I notice is 80-85% of my mileage is easy-paced running and when I say easy, it is really like 5:00-5:40 min/k !!. The other 15% varies between 3:40-4:00 pace. Hence, there is a huge gap in pace between my hard and easy sessions.

With 80%+ of mileage at super-easy pace, do you think that my training is too lame?

Training to date:
Week 1: 81k total - 6% VO2max, 11% Threshold, 83% Easy
Week 2: 89k total - 7% Vo2max, 11% Threshold, 82% Eas


Clown said...

Thanks mate, looking forward to seeing you do the sub 3 at Melb.

Re training, just give it some time and gradually increase some of your easy paced running.

What are you planning on maxing your weekly km's at?

Sling Runner said...

To keep family-work-life balance, I only plan to max at around 90k, running 6 days a week. If I want to get to 100+, then I need to do one or two doubles.

Epi said...

I may have mentioned that at his camp, Mona mentioned he ran 90% of his weekly (180k) distance at easy pace, with one Mona fartlek and one rolling hills tempo run.

trailblazer777 said...

what Epi said...

even the kenyans do 50-70% of their mileage at easy pace...Mona is a bit extreme IMO but 90% easy pace worked for him...Suspect that is a bit incorrect cos he would also race some weeks and surely some of his long runs would be at a fast pace...

well at least you only have to trim 4 minutes to pass your exam. 6 years later I still am 55 minutes shy, and wondering if its time to give up, but refusing to do so just yet.

Buster!, Yasso, and 31k all excellent sessions. My 10.5km intervals the other week was similiar to the Buster session a little...just longer distances...The Yasso session keeps your speed ready and starts to work on the endurance you need to sustain sub 3 pace running for longer...So hopefully you will do the full 10x800m which a few of us did last year...
I do like the Buster session. Good one IMO!
off to a good start. Keep at it, and hopefully soon you will see the times come down. sounds like the weather is tough to do it in...alright enough from me hope thats helpful.

Ewen said...

A couple of interesting sessions there. I like the look of the Buster Tempo. The Yasso 800s with a shorter recovery is good value as a session, even if not predictive.

I'd stick with the easy running. Go even easier if need be. You're trying to do 3 hard sessions in the week (2 workouts and a fastish long run), which is a big ask. I'd tend to go very easy (Mona style) on the long run. Being long (in humidity) makes it hard anyway. A long run plus two workout sessions in the week is plenty.

ronnie said...

r.e.l.a.x... That was what u told me when I was questioning myself over an interval sesh.
U have a few more good months to build a solid training round n ur recent 10k pb should give u a great dose of confidence... I reckon u cont to keep up, e sub 3's urs for e taking in Melbourne.