05 June 2010

Oz trip + 10k PB

Firstly, congrats to Rob who smoked his PB from 39:00 to 36:45 within 2 years !!!
What a breakthrough, mate! To think I used to race/compete with you in Perth was a humbling experience

Went to Melbourne for a short family visit this week. Really enjoyed the cool, crisp, non-polluted air of wintery Melbourne. What a nice change from the wok-on-fire heat of Singapore !!

Only did 3 runs (but were all studs) :

Friday 28/05 (12c): 17k in 80mins (av 4:27min/km) including 4k in 15:25 (av 3:51), 5mins rest, then 3k in 11:15 (av 3:45)

Felt great. Did 7k worth of work at 3:45-3:51 min/km. Considering my 4-year 10k PB pace is only 3:56 pace, surely it's there for the taking !!

Sunday 30/05 (15c, windy): 30k in 2h:14m (av 4:27 min/km) including 25k non-stop tempo in 1h:48m (4:19 pace)

Purposely ran at the same pace as last week's Passion Run 25k in order to compare HR at different temperatures. I found that my heart needs to beat 737 times to cover each k at 4:20 pace in Singapore, while in Melbourne, the number is only 704 per km/. This means my heart need to work 5% harder when running for 2 hours in Singapore at approx MP.

Monday 01/06 (10c): 10k Time Trial in 38:20 (a PB by 1 minute)

Inspired by Rob's breakthrough race, I simply couldn't resist to do a TT on a cool, calm conditions.
First 5k: 3:39, 3:49, 3:45, 3:48, 3:48 = 18:49
Second 5k: 3:49, 3:50, 3:57, 3:57, 3:53 = 19:26
Total = 38:15

I added 5 secs extra since race distance is normally a hair longer than what GPS measured in order to round up to 38:20 (a flat 3.50 is also easier for setting interval paces)

Course was on bike path, mostly flat with some mild undulations. First 2k was a net rise of 20m, next 5k was a net decline of 40m, last 3k was a net rise of 20m. Hence, the reason for a big positive split (+27 secs) in the 2nd half, especially in the last 3k. Total net elevation gain/loss = approx 0.

Because I did a 30k long run (25k of which just above MP) two days before the TT, I think I have the right to claim that the 10k timing is probably legitimate and a good indicator of my true shape :)

All in all, there are a couple of positives:

1) The 10k timing is now equivalent on 2.59.54 marathon (barely !!!) according to McMillan. First time ever that I run a timing that calculators would indicate to correlate with sub-3

2) The popular Pfitzinger marathon plan schedules a 23k MP run about 6 weeks out before marathon. While last Sunday's 25k run at 4:19 pace is 5secs slower than my goal MP (4:14), but being able to do it without much difficulty and the fact that I still haven't' started my 18-week training seems to be an encouraging sign.

I also discover a couple of interesting things:

1) My recovery profile is much faster in Oz. It's amazing that I could do a 30km long run (averaging ~10 secs/k slower than MP), and 48 hours later, ran a 10k PB. If I do this in Singapore, I would be useless for days. My guess is that my muscles and heart have to work a lot harder in Singapore and there are lots of minerals disappeared with the sweat loss, which resulted in slower recovery.

2) My training paces are faster in Oz. The above 3 runs done in Melbourne within a span of 5 days have an average pace of 4.24 pace (coincidentally, this is what speedsters like Clown and Epi are averaging for their training). While heat training is often perceived as a poor mans' altitude training, I still think training in cool, dry places still yields a better training results. In my opinion, doing consistent/regular long runs at 4:30-4.40 pace in cool weather is way much better than doing long runs at 5:00 pace in the heat.

Wondering what kind of times I would be seeing if I live/train in Oz? hahaha.

Alrighty, no time for daydreaming. Gotta suck it up! Marathon training starts next week !!!


Clown said...

Thanks Sling.

Congrats on the 10k time, great work. Also some great workouts, indicates you're in good nick and a nice way to be moving into your Marathon program. Time to move back to Perth I think :)

Ewen said...

Well done Sling. That's a great 10k TT. In a race situation (tapered and with others to race in 2nd half) I'd think 37:40 - 37:55 is on. Great that you're now 'officially' in sub-3 territory.

Very interesting the much higher HR bpk in Singapore for the same pace. One difference between altitude and heat training would be the poorer day-to-day recovery of heat training - as you say, replacing the minerals lost.

Epi said...

Great effort Sling - as Ewen said, you'll have an even bigger race PB coming when you get to do a 10k in good conditions.

Just need to remember those pace differences next time you're struggling with the lack of speed in Singapore

trailblazer777 said...

Well done! Just proves once again that if you persist with getting the work done in muggy HUMID hot singapore, the results will come in better weather conditions. The humidity really is a massive factor for many reasons especially with high intensity long runs...
Fantastic 10km time trial! Excellent long run too...good turnaround in 48 hours. so Mcmillan gets you a 2.59...keep at it and maybe do another trip to Melbourne a few weeks before the race for a 10k time trial again and see how much you have improved...

Also 1632 entrants so far when I checked this morning for Melbourne since Tuesday so if you are coming I'd recommend you get your entry in June or July at the latest... not as bad in the Marathjon as it is in the Half for selling out, but I have a feeling Marathon could be sold out by late July or early August... maybe just paranoia.,..

Going well keep at it...
you can do it!