24 July 2010

Better Week

Monday (OFF):
Thai Food workout
3 x great food, with 4 hours recovery in between :)

Tuesday (Tempo):
2k warm up
25-20-15-10-5 minutes at MP, 5mins jog/rest in between
Total 23.2k in 102mins (av 4:24 min/km)

Last day of holiday in Phuket. Decided to do a long workout since I don't have a luxury of running on quite streets near my place in Singapore. Split times were 25+ mins at 4:15 pace, 20+ mins at 4:13 pace, 15+ mins at 4:13 pace, 10+ mins at 4:10 pace, and 5+mins at 4:03 pace. All up, 19k worth of MP work (non-continuous) in 80mins, av 4:13 min/km. A good workout to familiarize the body with MP, but the truth is I only covered about 40% of marathon distance !!! Fly back to SG in the arvo.

Wednesday (easy):
45mins recovery on treadmill (av 5:25 min/km)
60 v-ups with med ball

Thursday (fartlek):
15mins warm up
Mona fartlek
Covered 5k in 20:00 (av 4:00)
25 mins cool down
Total 12+k in 60mins (av pace 4:48 min/km)

Still not able to master Mona fartlek. Went a bit too fast in the early parts, both for the fast and float part. Unable to keep the floats during the 30s and 15s, died, and had to jog instead.

Friday (easy):
43mins recovery on treadmill (av pace 5:28 min/km)
15mins upper/lower body weights

Saturday (long):
37k long run in 3h:02h (av 4:56min/km)

Hallelujah! A long run at last. Cooler than normal weather this morning, some light cooling breeze, a bit of drizzle here and there and no sun. Was happy to run 32k, but continued on since the weather was unbelievable kind (25c, 90% humidity). First hour averaging 5:15 min/km, second hour averaging 4:50 min/km, and last hour averaging 4:40 min/km. Didn't feel as wiped out as normal long runs due to the conditions.

Sunday (rest):
OFF. Core exercises


89k for the week in 5 runs. A decent week for my standard with 2 workouts and a long run (finally !!). Since long run is my least favourite workout, I was very pleased with today's 37k run. One pin bowled, so hopefully another one or two 35k+ long runs in the remaining 10 weeks should suffice. For the rest of long runs, I am happy to keep them at the more manageable 26-30k range. In terms of quality, I did 24 km this week at a pace faster than MP. If I combine last Sunday's tempo run, my quality miles in the last seven days were 36k at an average of 4:10 min/km (out of total mileage of 106 km)

Another positive thing going forward is that my work schedule looks pretty good for the next couple of weeks, so hopefully I can capitalize on this by doing some decent sessions.

Training to date (7 weeks)
Intervals/Vo2Max: 16x300, 8x800, 5x1000, 12x400, 5k TT (18.33), Mona fartlek= 6 sessions average 5k
Tempos: 9k change of pace, 10k in intervals form, 4.4k trail race, 12k continous = 4 sessions average 9k
Long runs: 27, 31, 29k (with 2x20mins at HMP), 28k (with 90min at MP) , 37k = 6 sessions at average 30k
Semi-long runs: 24k, 24k, 23k (with 80mins MP) = 3 sessions average 24k
Mileage: 81, 89, 88, 57, 89, 77, 89 = average 81k per week


Clown said...

Widi, firstly congrats on your win of a trip to Spain, how cool and hopefully you can still do Melb.

Great long run and some other good runs there, nice to see a good chunk at MP or quicker. Well done.

trailblazer777 said...

Now thats one very awesome long run to bank, a couple more like that or even around the 30K mark and you have that department covered...The 2 workouts both very good. I know my running is rubbish compared to yours, but I really struggled with the Mona floats a lot too, on my only attempt at it so far (on the Mona camp)...I think its something that takes several shots to get used to, but its also a powerful tool for improvement as a result. the other MP session looks very good, just need a few more of those, good to see you have a really good balance of both easy and hard sessions, just need more of both, to get optimal progress IMO. sounds like MM should reach field limit by mid september at the latest, so I'd be getting an entry done soon if you are going...well done on taking the opportunity to extend the long run a bit, and on 3 top notch efforts this week...way to go!

Ewen said...

Good week there - esp the two longer runs. That must be encouraging. Funny you saying that 25C / 90% is unbelievably kind!