05 September 2010

Injured ! :( :(

Monday (easy):
AM: 45mins easy (av 5:08 min/km)
including 4 x 15secs barefoot strides on grass

Tuesday (threshold + hills):
3k warm up
3 x 3k HM pace, 3mins jog in between
12:15, 12:15, 12:21 - av 4:06 min/km (av HR 165)
10mins jog
4 x 40secs hill reps, walk/jog down
4 x 15secs hill reps, walk down
10mins cool down
Total 18k in 1h:27m (av pace 4:50)

The plan was to run 4 x 3k at 4:00-4:05 pace but only did 3 due to discomfort in the left ankle. Yesterday's rub mainly focused on the usual supects such as hammy, calves, glutes, quads, and ITB so the problem was undetected.. I completed the first and second reps at the slow end of my target pace but then in the third rep, the discomfort got worse and I slowed down to around 4.07 pace. Decided to skip the 4th rep and to salvage the lost quality, I did a few short hill reps (definitely not be the wisest thing to do!)
PM: 30mins slow jog treadmill (av 5:45 min/km)

Wednesday (easy):
50mins easy tradmill (av 5:26 min/km)
10mins light weights

Ankle got worse and the pain has spreaded to the lateral shin.

Thursday (threshold + reps):
20mins warm up
8k Tempo in 32:16 (av 4:02 min/km)
5 mins rest
4 x 400m in 82secs, 1min walk recovery
20mins cool down
Total 17k in 78mins (av pace 4:35)

Ankle was painful when I started and had to resort running at 6:00+ pace for the warm up. I wanted to do a continuous tempo and decided to play by the ear. If I can only last 3k, then be it! Surprisingly legs felt prety good and I completed 8k at 4:02 min/km. It was hard but not a ball-busting workout. After drink break, did 4 x 400m at 2400m pace on a marked bike path to get some running faster than HMP/MP. Unfortunately, this aggravated the foot problem and had to run very slowly for the cool down. Iced the ankle and shin and put some voltaren afterwards.

Friday (easy):
38mins easy treadmill (av pace 5:30 min/km)

Saturday (long):
24k long run in 2h:02m (av 5:02 min/km)

The plan was to do a 3 hour at easy effort, but stopped at 2 hours due to foot problems. Went through the first 90mins pretty okay, but the pain got siginificantly worse from there. The pain also has spreaded to the shin and knees. Run, stop, run, stop, run, stop for a few times before deciding to have had enough and catch a bus home.

Sunday (rest):


A crap week affected by foot injury. 90k for the week with 2 tempo sessions and a cancelled long run.. Went to the pyhsio on Saturday and he diagnosed two issues 1) damaged tendon in the ankle joint (anterior side); and 2) lateral shin splint. He didn't think that there was any stress fracture at all. Most likely the problem was due to over worked muscles. I hope it's not something serious like compartment syndrome, although Satuday's long run experience sounds like early signs of CS (after stopping, the pain dissipated but then re-appeared again).

A huge setback for me with only 5 weeks left to go to the marathon. It has been a good long streak running without any significant niggles and injuries, but suddenly shit happens. The last time I visited a physio was 18 months ago for a damaged ankle ligament on the right leg (this time is left leg) and it put me out of action for 3 months. The difference is this time I am walking without pain, so there is every chance that I can make the start line.

Will do a wait and see approach for next week. The physio's suggeston is very predictable - which is to rest fully. I might do elliptical in the gym or if things improve, I will just run through the pain and see what happens. My objective going forward is simple - to go to the marathon start line in a healthy state in 1 month time.


Epi said...

Take it easy Sling.

As is often said, not much to gain in the final weeks but potentially alot lost.

Sudden onset sounds more muscuar/tendinous, so hopefully some relative rest should see it settle quickly.

Good luck

Clown said...

Hi Widi, I hope all will be ok with a bit of rest.

Hope to hear some positive news next week

trailblazer777 said...

ouch! the curse of the niggles returns. All the best with getting through it hopefully quickly. Still a solid week. What Epi said. 5 weeks to go, it sucks when you are all ready to hit the last few weeks hard, but reality is a large amount of the important work is already done, so hang in there and hopefully you can still hit at least 1 or 2 weeks of the remaining 5 hard...I've got a hammy issue flaring up in the last week or two, so feel like I am in a similkair place mentally, i.e. "all revved up with no place to go" a bit...injury the athletes worst nightmare..ooh well the physios have to get their cut. Stay positive and focused, and find some crosstraining, or some other good project to maintain mental and physical forward momentum until the calves comes good. Stay with it...

Ewen said...

Depends on the level/intensity of the pain of course re a decision to run through it. You're in great shape, so 3 days of no running now won't harm the Melbourne result. Days off might help clear it up completely whereas if you run through, it could linger or get worse.