29 August 2010

6 weeks 2 go

Monday (threshold):
3k warm up with strides
11k In/Out Tempo Run in 45:33
av 4:09 min/km, av HR 170, high HR 184
2k cool down
Total session 16k in 72mins (av 4:31)

"In and Out" tempo run by alternating 1km at 10k pace - 3:50 min/km and floating recovery at 4:30 min/km. Splits (HR in bpm): 3:50 (158), 4:29 (158), 3:51 (166), 4:30 (163), 3:50 (170), 4:29 (165), 3:50 (172), 4:31 (170), 3:50 (175), 4:35 (171), 3:48 (179) = 11k in 45:33 (av 4:09). Legs were a bit heavy and it was a warm morning. The float recovery made me work my butt off ! Heart rates were in the 160-170s range even during the supposedly recovery section. A good change of pace workout, accumulating 6km of work at 10k pace and 5k recovery at moderate pace.

Tuesday (easy):
40mins easy treadmill (av pace 5:26)

Wednesday (long run):
25k easy-moderate in 2hrs (av 4:50 min/km)

Felt sluggish this morning. Was hoping to do some fast pick-ups at the end, but the body was simply too tired. 30mins at 5:05, 4:55, 4:45, 4:35 min/km (between 80% MP and 90% MP). At the end, I was pleased to insert a 2 hour long run on a weekday. Fly to Jakarta in the afternoon.

Thursday (fartlek):
1 hour easy run with light fartlek (av pace 4:56 min/km)
included 8 x 2mins at HM pace, 1 min jog

Ran on treadmill. To kill boredom, decided to sprinkle in 2 mins surges at HM pace, with 1mins slow jog in between.

Friday (easy):
45mins easy (av pace 5:10 min/km)
included 7 x 15-20secs strides, barefoot

Saturday (long tempo):
2k warm up
21k tempo at MP effort in 90:15 (av 4:18)
Av HR 162, high 171
7.5k cool down
Total 30.5k in 2h:20m (av 4:36 min/km)

Dead legs! My plan was to run 26k at MP effort but ended up only doing 21k. I was fine aerobically as indicated by low HR but my leg was trashed. After 13k, my calves began to tighten and the legs became heavy. My knees and ankles were aching too probably due to the jarring on the downhills. The route was undulanting again hence the reasons for uneven splits: 4:14, 4:15, 4:24, 4:16, 4:15, 4:15, 4:19, 4:24, 4:15, 4:18, 4:26, 4:14, 4:09, 3:58, 4:21, 4:33, 4:22, 4:20, 4:22, 4:15, 4:17 As you can see, I was unable to run anywhere close to my goal MP due to the tired legs hence decided to close shop at 21k. Had 3 brief drink stops during the tempo. . Did 7k cool down on fried legs to total 30k and it felt harder than the tempo session itself.

Sunday (rest):

100k for the week with 1 speed session and two long runs. The sum of quality kms were 31k at 4:10 min/km average. Began to feel the legs burning after 6 weeks of consistent training. Last 6 weeks mileage were: 89, 105, 109, 90, 90, 100 - average 97k which is high for a runner like me who only runs about 5-6x a week. I haven't got a massage in 3 weeks, which probably explain the reason why my legs are tight. The shorter than planned MP tempo run was a bummer given I was fine aerobically and I was able to run 24k at 4:16 pace a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, at least I got some goal pace running practice this week.

Two weeks left before Army HM. Have to get a racing flat soon so that I can use it in the HM and then in the marathon. My current stock unfortunately consists of lightweight trainers such as Nike Lunar Swift, Mizuno Precision, Lunar Elite etc which are a tad too heavy for racing. Currently thinking to get either Nuke Lunar Racer or Saucony Fastwitch for the marathon.

6 weeks to go now. The plan is to do workouts at HM pace next week, then slight taper and race the HM in the following week. After that I have two more weeks left for training hard before 2 weeks taper.


Clown said...

Widi, some really good sessions there again. The 21k at MP even though wasn't as much as you wanted is a really good effort considering the conditions. That pace will be a cruise in Melb.

Great to see that you're getting in a few sessions at quicker than MP, you're def looking good for Melb.

The fastwitch are great, I'm still tossing up out of them and the Asics DS racers for Melb

Ewen said...

Good week again. I wouldn't worry too much about the 21k MP, as conditions and the quality/volume you've been doing has done your legs in a bit. The HM race will be a good test on fresher legs.

Will be interested to see what you choose for a racer. I'm a little limited due to my wide foot.

trailblazer777 said...

The 21k still a great effort, but good that you are aiming higher. You have already got half a dozen or so good weeks behind you so its no wonder, the mileage is taking its toll a bit. Good to see you also had another solid 20k run earlier in the week. The 11k in/out session sounds intriguing. Stay strong, all the best with turning the Faster/faster screws at HM pace, and with getting the right shoes...still on track for the big one by the sounds...

by7 said...


I afford myself to be a bit blunt...

forget all the advices from people who does not live in Singapore...
they can not imagine how hard is already to make 21k at MP...

in my modest opinion, you are extremely well prepared.
You have the MP in your legs.
Since you showed sometimes some weakness on the final 6k, I would only recommend to make a super long run at easy pace to get used to the 3 hours duration...
do not kill yourself with other MP paced runs