30 November 2010

Retiro Park

Have been slacking since returning from Madrid. It seems the 10k race took a lot out of me. My mileage nowadays is around 40k per week, and when you run 25% of it at 10k race pace, recovery was always an issue. Also, after running 3x in 5-10c temperature and in a beautiful park (see photos below), it's hard to motivate myself to pound the pavement in 30c + 90% rh condition :p

I will be running a HM this weekend, and my longest run in the last 3 weeks is 12k !!!

Anyway, some pictures from running in Retiro Park Madrid, a former retreat park for the royal family

Entrance to the Park, Madrid's answer to Central Park

Beautiful statues and landscaped gardens

Water fountains

A lake inside the park

Gravel surface + some hills, perfect for running


Ewen said...

Looks nice.. although not as lush as Central Park.

Might be an idea to hold back a tad in the early stages. My guess is you'll hit the wall about 17k ;)

trailblazer777 said...

I like the last picture especially looks like a nice place to run ......All the best with the HM.

Epi said...


I thought the title had something to do with you retiring.

Intersting that you're running in the lunar racers - are you a neutral runner?