06 December 2010


Did Standard Chartered 1/2 Marathon yesterday in 93:09
Slowest HM race timing since 2005 and even a personal worst in Singapore LOL

After running almost 0 km in October and only easing back into running in November, perhaps that's the true result.


Felt good for the first 8k running in Sentosa Island, averaging 4:09 min/km despite the 'undulations' . (there were only probably 2 real slopes/hills, the rest was going and up and down car parks and tunnels). After 8k, we ran a full 1km inside an underground car park that belongs to the casino. The place was claustophobic with limited air circulation and full of exhaust fumes from tourist buses and gamblers' cars trying to find parking spaces. Struggled to breathe and my pace dropped to 5:20 min/km during that stretch.

Never recovered from that ordeal and once we leave the island, there were more ups and downs this time on an elevated highway (I am crap on hills). With longest run of 12k in last 3 weeks, I simply didn't have the stamina to conquer the hills and complete the distance at my desired pace. Tempted to DNF, but decided to carry on in order to maintain my position in my company's runners league. Ran the remainder of the course at 4:20-4:40 min/km. Finished 6 minutes slower compared to the same race last year, albeit a different route.

Anyway, this is my last HM participation because I will enter the same event next year in the full marathon . It will be my first ever hot weather marathon and as a master !!

Note: the marathon was won by Kenyans in 2:14 and 2:35 (the winning women also won the Delhi Commonweath Games marathon in October)

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Ewen said...

No argument from me. You're not fit! I'll give you a couple of minutes for the conditions, so maybe the equivalent of a 90:30.

The marathon winning times are on a par with those in Delhi. You're looking at +5 to 10 minutes next year, but I'm sure you'll be better prepared.