03 April 2011

Week 2 of 13/15 Marathon Training

AM -- 3.5k up, drills + 1k worth of strides/jog; 6 x 800m + 6 x 200m Intervals at the Canal loop - splits: 800s 2.58, 3.01, 2.59, 3.00, 3.01, 3.00 off 90secs walk; 200s 41, 41, 41, 42, 41, 40off 40secs walk; HAD AN OFF DAY - super duper humid and damp, was sweating intensely even during warm up and drills. Tired legs from 30k long run a couple of days ago; had to walk between intervals - 2.5k down. Total 13k

PM -- Travel to Jakarta

AM -- 10k recovery in 55 (5.30), hotel treadmill - started at 6 min/km, ended at 5 min/km
PM -- Travel to SG, flight delayed by 4 hours, arrived home at 2am in the morning !!!!!

AM -- 10+k easy in 53 (5.10) including 6 strides, Keppel Marina 1k loop
PM -- 10mins core work

AM -- 3k up, drills + 1k worth of strides/jog; 10k continuous tempo in 42.00 (4.12 pace) at the Canal loop; rest then 5 x 20secs hill - Another sub-par session - had planned for 15k at 4.10-4.15 but got very dehydrated and was a bit in discomfort due to sore hips - 3k down. Total 18k

AM -- 6+k recovery in 35+ (5.42)
PM -- 10mins gym work

AM -- 30k long run in 2.27 (4.55), home- 3 x 7k outer botanic garden loop (naseem, dalvey, cluny, holland) - back home, did 1-3mins pick-ups every 5mins, sore hips and inner tibia

OFF, deep tissue massage

Total 88k for the week

Week in Summary:

It seems the recent increase in training and milage has taken its toll on me. In fact, March mileage at 340k was the highest in 6 months and my miles from last October to February were 90, 230, 260, 210, 160. Therefore, my km-age in March increased by around 120% compared to the previous month LOL. Legs were tight and heavy throughtout the week. I also began to feel some discomfort around the glutes and inner tibia in the left leg. Finger cross that this is just a function of tiredness, instead of something more serious.

Had two sub-par sessions this week. On Monday, I had planned to do 8x800, but only finished 6 reps. 3.45 pace felt damn hard and I had to walk for recovery instead of active rests. In the past, I was able to nail these Yasso sessions comfortably even with 200m jog in about 90secs. Conditions certainly didin't help as weather was insanely hot and humid these days. On Thursday, I also cut short the distance of my tempo run due to tiredness in the leg and soreness in the glute. The long run was not too bad, although it was slower than last week. Anyways, at least, I got another 30k in the bag.

My son is starting his playgroup school and the class starts early. This means that I have to re-adjust my sleeping cycle so that I can wake up around 5am in order to train. Plan for next week is to do a similar mileage, and hopefully I can get rid of the glute and leg issues !


Ewen said...

I'm still not used to this white on black ;)

Another week like that with some tweaking of the sessions sounds good - excellent way to build up consistency.

Clown said...

Good to see a couple of good weeks of mileage. Looks as though you haven't lost much fitness which is a very encouraging sign.