25 April 2011

Week 5 of 13 Marathon Training

11.5k easy in 60 (5.16) with 6 strides, Keppel Marina 1k loop

AM: 15k easy-moderate in 73 (4.52), home-Dempsey Loop-home
PM: calf strain, 30mins TENS machine

AM: 7.5k easy treadmill in 41+ (5.32), foam roller
PM: calf strain, 30mins TENS machine

1.8k up, JP Morgan Corp Challenge 5.6k race in 21:14 (av 3.48) - ranked 19; splits 3.39, 3.46, 3.47, 3.45, 3.53 (crawford st hill), 2.20 (last 600m+) - good race, 6secs PB compared to last year, 2.6k down. Total 10k

27k long run in 2h15m (5:00) - woke up late and only left home around 6.30am. Melted under the strong sun, rested 5mins every 30mins for drink stops; drank 2 litres but still dehydrated. Legs like lead, only 12 hours rest since last evening race; in other words about 37k in a day
off, core exercises
3k up, 1k worth of drills/strides,  2 x (4 x 6mins Tempo, 2mins float). Effort wise, tempo at 105% MP while float at 95% MP. First set paces: 4.05 (4.28 float), 4.05 (4.29), 4.04 (4.32), 4.04, 3mins rest then second set: 4.04 (4.30), 4.04 (4.27), 4.08 (4.48), 3.58 - total 14.5k worth of work in 60mins (av 4.09 pace) - 0.5k cool down. Total 19k
Total 90k for the week

Week in Summary:
A decent week with 1 good race, 1 solid session, but a so-so long run. Ran the race controlled, and only let it rip in the last 300m. Very humid conditions, but the organization was top notch (full road closure, deep field) resulting in great racing atmoshpere. My colleague, Chris ran about 30scs faster than last year to win the race in 17.56 with a sprint finish. He was virtually toast at the end and was unable to socialize for a while. I wondered why I am never able to give 100% effort in races, for some reason my brain always told me to refrain myself everytime I am touching the red line.

Again, I am struggling during a long run this week. Took too many stoppages in order to complete the run. Probably doing a LSD 12 hours after a hard race didn't help either. Sunday session was good and the first marathon specific session in this cycle. Accumulated about 1 hour running at faster than goal MP.

Experienced some calf strain issues, so I've been using home remedy tools in order to fight it (tens machine, foam roller, the stick, compression sleeves). Learn the lesson last year, where I continued training hard and the strained calf caused me to alter my running strides, resulting in a prolonged ankle and tendon injury.

With 8 weeks to go, (most likely Perth) it's time to get the ball rolling. I plan to work more on marathon specific workouts, by doing 2 big sessions a week. These big sessions include long threshold session midweek (25-30k)  and a weekend long run sprinkled with goal pace running (30-35k). Rest of the week will be short runs in order to keep myself recovered to tackle the two big sessions.

Congrats to Rob for a big PB in Boston running 2.48 (that's 4.00 pace for 42.2k !!). Also, well done to Epi (muscle cramps after running 2.50 pace for first 30k) and Ronnie.


Clown said...

Nice effort re the race. Good idea re doing a longer type run during the week. Midweek medium long run has really helped me, some times we'd chuck in some tempo running as part of the effort. Also doing an 8k tempo run the day before weekend long run was also a good workout.

Re the tablets before Boston, it was just the nurofen plus which I was taking daily due to really sore shins.

Ewen said...

Agree - good week. Nice to run a PB for the JP Morgan and also to see a well organised race in Singapore ;)

Hope the calf niggle calms down - the early management you're doing is key to keeping the training momentum building.