12 June 2011

Week 12 of 13

1 week left !!!

35mins easy (5.08) - painful !!!

60mins easy (5.23) - PAINFUL !!!!

90mins XT (60mins arc trainer, 30mins stationary bike)

45mins XT (arc trainer)

AM: 13k in 60mins (4.37)
15mins tempo @ 4.06 min/km
15mins fartlek, alternating 90secs @ 3.50s, 90secs float @ 4.40s

PM: 45mins XT (arc trainer)


21k long run in 100mins (4.46)
(11k @ 4.55, 3k @ 4.45, 3k @ 4.30, 3k @ 4.15, 1k cool down)

Total 55k of running + 3 hours of XT

Week in Summary:

Life is a roller coaster.....

Early in the week: The posterior tibialis was damn PAINFUL (yes, capital letters). For Monday and Tuesday easy runs, I had to walk, jog, stop, walk etc for the first 20mins of the run. Calf, shins, and ankles were burning. It's the same shit I experienced prior to last year Melbourne Marathon which I eventually pulled out. Told my wife and colleagues that I probably will DNS the marathon.

Middle of the week: Skipped running for two days, did XT, RICE, ibuprofen

End of the week: Pain level declined from 100% to 85%. Did a small workout on Friday, not very comfortable. On Sunday, did a dress rehearsal, by swallowing ibuprofen, wore calf sleeves and marathon shoes. Could notice a drop in fitness on the back of reduced training in last 2-3 weeks (let's call it a 4-weeks taper)

Okay, I think I will be a starter comes next Sunday. The chance didn't look good early in the week, but things started looking up by the weekend. Hopefully in the next 6 days or som, the pain level will reduce to < 80%. Currently, I am no good to run in consecutive days since the muscles and tendons are painful due to the jarring effect. So probably will run 3 times prior to the race to give myself the best possible chance to run.

Not sure about my marathon goal time now because I won't know how the legs going to feel during the first few steps of the race. This will be my first ever marathon start with the legs not 100% healthy. Anyhow, Perth is the place where I fell in love and got obsssed with running, so it's good to come back ! I just need to be daring and do my best to tough things out.


Epi said...

Good luck with your final week of taper Sling. Hopefully if wont rain on the day - we've otherwise had great weather here ecently

Clown said...

Hope the leg is ok-take it easy. See you in perth.

Ewen said...

Hope the final week is going well and the legs are holding up with the additional rest days and treatment. Only 4 days 11 hours to go!