21 August 2011

Short Week

Mon: off (busy)

Tue: 4k warm up to F1 track, 5*1k intervals (av 3.47) with 1.45 rec, 4*200m (av 40sec), 4k cool down (with last 2k @ marathon effort)

Wed: 8k recovery (av 5.40)

Thu: 8k easy (av 5.28)

Fri: 24k long run (av 5.15)

Sat-Sun: off (travel)

Total 55k for the week

A hectic week, so running became a second priority. Tuesday session was my first interval in about 4 months, and I was pretty pleased with the splits. Friday was supposed to be a 30+k run, but bailed out after 2 hours. I started runnign way too late at 7am and the sun was already burning by then. Running in my area on weekdays is also not conducive due to peak hour traffic. Got shore throat afterwards due to car fumes,

Sling Jr came down with fever again, his school was actually shut for almost a week due to ill students. I will just play it by the ear next week in terms of running.

1 comment:

Ewen said...

Yes, good times for the ks. Your body must remember how to do them! Ran some myself this arvo and felt very rusty.