26 December 2011

New routine

My last week before starting the Pfitz 12 weeks 55-70 miles program, that's 90-110 km per week in metric terms. And I am currently struggling to even do more than 70km per week !!

Still adapting to a new sleep/running/family routine.

Nowadays I gotta be home by 07.00 am to prepare myself for work and also to drop my son at school. Pfitz plan requires 1 workout, 2 medium long runs, and a long run, and this means that I have to get up earlier than usual on most days. For instance, in order to cover 18-24k medium long runs (which take 90-120nins), I need to get up before 04.30am so that I can start running by 05.00 am. Currently, I am having a hard time trying to cut on sleep and wake up early !!

The life adjustment was probably reflected in my training this week. Was feeling very sluggish during the tempo run on Monday .I also had a miserable long run on Christmas Eve as I experienced chest pain (right side, not left) and cramping. Don't think there is anythin' serious and should not stop me training for next week.

Mon 19-12-11
Off (unplanned). Heavy rain all day.

Tue 20-12-11
15 km (av 4.38) with 9k Tempo in 36.54 (4.06 min/km)
Because I missed yesterday's medium long run, my initial plan was to do close to 20k today. However, I woke up late, and only had the time for 60-75mins of training. For my tempo last week, I ran 7k @ 3.55, so I was aiming to do 8k at roughly the same pace. But I found it hard to get going today; weather was damn humid and my hip was sore; and I was struggling to hold low 4.00s pace. Av HR was 171 bpm today versus last week's 167 bpm, so that's 4bpm higher but the pace was 10secs slower !!! Extended the distance a bit to 9k in order to compensate for the slower-than-anticipated pace. The only plus point from today's session is that Pfitz tempo maxed out at 11k, and I have now done 9k tempo even before starting his 12 week program (albeit at slower pace).

Wed 21-12-11
8 km recovery run in 44mins (av 5.30)
Easy run around the 'hood

Thu 22-12-11
16 km medium long run in 75mins (av 4.44)
Woke up late again, so I only had about 75-80mins to run. In order to cover more ground within the limited window, I ran the first 15mins easy, then the next one hour at moderate pace (4.35 min/km). Felt relatively OK effort wise, so perhaps I should make running at 90% MP a staple for my midweek medium long runs.

Fri 23-12-11
6 km recovery run in 33mins (av 5.22)
Same story again (too lazy to get up!). Only had 30mins to run.

Sat 24-12-11
28k long run in 147mins (av 5.15)
Super duper humid this morning due to heavy showers overnight. Found it hard to breathe, and I got chest pain afterwards. As the pain on the right side, I googled that it was probably due to lung/respiratory issue (maybe the heavy air??). I also underestimated the humidity effect on sweating, as I got tightness/cramps after about an hour. Had to take a few stops along the way in order to stretch the legs.

Total 73k (5 runs) in 6h08m (av 5.03)


Ewen said...

90% of MP for a mid-week 2nd long run sounds fine to me.

Yes, the early AM starts could compromise the plan. Can you get to be earlier? Short-changing sleep will be negative for recovery/stress levels.

Ewen said...

That was 'get to bed earlier'