09 April 2012


Haven’t done much running since Seoul. Did 20k in the first week (2 runs), 40k the second week (3 runs), and 57k in the following week (4 runs).

As usual, recovery has been slow for me.

Tried to do a couple of workouts, but the body seems to rebel and reject any fast stuff. Last week, went to the track and could only do 3*800m before dying – that’s less than half of my yasso reps before Seoul. I suspect this got to do with muscle trauma and micro tears post marathon.

Surprisingly, I am okay with the longer stuffs. Have done a couple of 20k+ weekend runs and no issues. Still I think my overall fitness has fallen a notch due to some inactivity.

Have 2 races next week (3.5 miles and a HM) which I wouldn’t have entered if they were not free of charge (my company sends staffs to races). Given I’ve done almost zero workouts and am still recovering, my plan is to do these 2 races as tempo-ish runs.
My next key goal is probably a 5k/10k sometime in June. I might go on a worktrip to the UK mid-June, but this is not confirmed yet. Might try to find a 5k/10k whilst I am there. If the trip doesn’t eventuate, then I’ll try to find a local race here.

After this, I will have 3-4 months to prepare for a marathon later this year. Currently thinking of Osaka in late November (second choice would be Melbourne). Was flirting with the idea of doing GCM about 10 weeks from now, but not sure whether I can get an incremental improvement from Seoul. Hoping to target sub-2.58 for my next marathon (which was my projected finishing pace at 30km mark in Seoul), to allow for a stumble into sub-3 if I fade. Osaka would be ideal since it will give me a full 18 weeks prep period should I decide to re-do Pfitz program again.

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Ewen said...

You're doing the right thing coming back gradually. No need for workouts at the moment.

Osaka does sound ideal (or Melbourne failing that). I like the idea of the 2:58 target.