29 April 2012

Week 1 of 8 to Bushy 5K

Five weeks passed since Seoul and I think I have recovered…..

Did 20, 40, 57, 64, 50 km during the 5 weeks. Ran one race, JP Morgan 5.6km Corporate Challenge in 21.03 (about 3.48 min/km), which I think it’s not too shabby given I have done no speed workouts since the marathon.

Looks like that my work trip in June to London is on. Been browsing the UK race calendar, and in terms of location convenience, the Bushy Park 5k seems to suit best. It is basically a free of charge race organized by parkrun every Saturday. The course is a mix of road, grass, trail etc and certified by AIMS. Buster Mottram and Mo Farah have ran the course with timings of 14:00 and 15.00 respectively. The timings sound a tad on the slow side, but maybe they did it as tempo because of no prize money.

My meetings in the UK run from Mon-Thu. Now I need to find work-related reasons to stay on Friday, so I can do the race on Saturday morning…

So, the Bushy Park 5k race will be just the kick in the butt to lift me up from the current motivational doldrums.

The training plan is to focus on 10k/threshold training for the first 3-4 weeks, then 5k paced stuffs for the last 4.

Let’s hope London is not gonna be too warm in June.


Mon 23/04 (intervals):
4*1600m with 2mins rec
splits: 6.05, 6.10, 6.12, 6.13 (av 3.52 min/km)
4*300m with 90secs rec
splits: 65-67 secs (av 3.35-40 min/km)
Total 13.4km in 62mins

Tue 24/04 (easy):
8km easy treadmill run in 44mins (av 5.33)
10mins gym work

Wed 25/04 (tempo):
15mins tempo @ 4.07 min/km
10mins tempo @ 4.02 + 5mins of 30secs ON/OFF
Total 12km in 55mins

Thu 26/04 (easy):
9.6km easy in 49mins (av 5.08)
10mins gym work

Fri 27/04 (long):
18km long run in 89mins (av 4.56)

Sat 28/04 (hills)
9km easy including 4*30secs, 20secs hill repeats

Total 70 km for the week

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Ewen said...

That sounds like a good target. Competitive field too. Yes, maybe Buster and Mo were running tempo effort - I'd expect Buster to run 13:30 on a road course. Also, the grass and trail sections could make it a bit slower.