14 May 2012


Down and (hoping not to be) out

Pulled a hamstring during SIS cross country race. Legs were just not accustomed to cross country terrain, such as wet grass field with mud up to calf high.

Visited physio, masseur and had RICE (both the acronym and food staple!) in the last 2 weeks, but I am still hamstrung !!

Accordingly, training was negatively affected. Most runs are only in 30-40mins in duration, so my fitness level is evaporating rapidly. Still trying to run with a bit of intensity here and there up to the point where my hammy said no.

Unless the injury heals up, I don’t think I will be in shape to attack my 5k/10k PB in London. With only 3 weeks left, not sure how much training I can do until then. Most likely, I’ll run the races purely for sightseeing.

Anyone got any tips for hamstring injury? I think it’s still a grade 1 since it doesn’t hurt whilst walking or jogging.

Mon 30/04: 40mins easy + strides
Tue 01/05: XC race. Quit after 3km due to injury (see above)
Wed 02/05: Off
Thu 03/05: 45mins with 6*400m (82-87 secs), 1min rec
Fri 04/05: 45mins easy
Sat 05/05: 48mins with 2*10mins tempo, 3mins rec
Sun 06/05: 78mins easy

Total 54 km for the week

Mon 07/05: Off
Tue 08/05: 40mins easy
Wed 09/05: Off
Thu 10/05: 36mins easy + hill strides
Fri 11/05: off
Sat 12/05: 55mins with 5*1k (av 3.51), 90secs rec
Sun 13/05: off

Total 27 km for the week


Epi said...

Bad news

it depends a bit which part of your hamstring you've done - high up, musculotendinous junction or in the body of the hammy itself

Sling Runner said...

Doc, it's the lower end of the hammy...just above the back of the knee

Ewen said...

Ah. I think Bob's is higher up. He's been using a massage cushion and these stretches. http://bobs-training.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/feeling-better.html

Keep doing what you are I guess... run but stay below the point of pain.

trailblazer777 said...

I'm guessing avoid steep uphill runs, and CROSSTRAIN with some swimming. Physio or sports Chiro might be able to advise some good stretches to increase range of motion so as to reduce chance of reinjure. Avoid intense speedwork. Do intense cardio using upper body work, so as to rest the legs but keep conditioning ticking over...You have bucketloads of leg strength, so use a swimming program to get you to London in the best possible condition and rest the hammy as long as possible. Active rest incoporating good stretching in consultation with physio may assist too. Stay positive and be cautiously attacking on raceday, you may be surprised how well you go. My 2 cents...hopefully somehing useful there, not that I am officially qualified...

by7 said...

I might sound a bit "bad spell"... but I would be extremely careful..

It is IMPOSSIBLE that you could really pull the hamstring running an XC race... it is not a sprint or some
extreme eccentric effort
in my 2 cents, the hamstring gave up because overused by poor activation of the glutes, psoas and so on...
So it is not a "acute" injury, but the outcome of "chronic" overuse.
Apart from nursing the hamstring, you should also check carefully your stride and if you are properly using the glutes, etc...
Honestly, as soon as I read the post, I said to myself: wow... sling has exactly the same condition that has been affecting me for over an year.. you might nurse the hamstring and return to run quite quickly, but if you do not treat the underlying condition, it is going to be an on/off problem also in the future...