14 October 2012

Marked down

Have marked-down my goal for Osaka to be on the starting line in healthy state

Had one very light week in order to rest the posterior muscle stress. Also had a couple of physio visits, but that again proved to be a waste of money. It seems the only cure for this type of mechanical over-loading injuries is plai and simple, a lengthy rest period.

Thanks to Ewen for tips on Hoka shoes, which have soles thicker than Dr Marten’s boots. Running on concrete felt like running on grass now due to the humungus cushioning. Have ran 17k and 30k in them, with ‘less pain’ compared to other shoes. The only issue with the shoes is that I can’t do faster stuff in them due to its high profile (not low on the ground) and weight.

Since the combination of light week and physio do not generate a marked improvement, I then decided to resume training, albeit at much lower levels than previously. This week, ran 81km over 4 days, but all at intensity much lower than pre-injury periods.

My plan for the next 6 weeks is to train at comfortable level, a level which is just enough to allow me to survive and complete the marathon in one piece. Also, our 2 week holiday will not be fun if I am gonna be limping around !

Anyway, Osaka should be a good practice marathon for my (hopefully) next marathon, Seoul 2013
Week of 1-7 Oct
Mon – off
Tue – 12km easy (5.10) with strides
Wed – off
Thu – 9k easy (5.17)
Fri – 12k easy (5.10)
Sat – off
Sun – 10k tempo (4.10)
Total 43km for the week

Week of 8-14 Oct
Mon – off
Tue – AM 17km moderate (4.48), PM 8k easy (5.15)
Wed – off
Thu – 14k easy (5.00), with strides
Fri – 12k easy-moderate (4.55)
Sat – 30km long run (5.00)
Sun – off
Total 81km for the week


Ewen said...

Glad to hear the Hoka shoes are helping. Maybe you can get to the stage where you're alternating them with regular shoes for shorter/faster runs?

Good plan to undertrain up to the race - plenty of evidence of people running better marathons undertrained than overtrained.

Martin said...

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