11 January 2008

Week 2 Base Training - Rehab

A week of mixed results, I guess. On the positive side, my strained calf got materially better after a couple of visits to the physio. The guy did a combo of torturing deep tissue massage, ultra sound and electric wave for S$70 (45 minutes session). While some areas of the calf are still tender at the moment, but overall, I can pretty much run without any significant pain or soreness.

On the negative side, I wasn't feeling that great over the weekend. Had sleeping problems and just wasn't feeling energized. Although, I could run pain-free but my body just didn't feel like running. Planned to do 105-120 minutes long run today but decided to call it quit after 70 minutes. My running motto for this year is the words of famed-coach, Arthur Lydiard: "Train, Dont' strain!"

I will visit the physio again tomorrow for possibly the final treatment. Since this week is pretty much a washed-out, I plan to to run 70+k next week including a couple of quality sessions.

My training (all at easy effort) last week was:

Mon: Physio treatment (no run)
Tue: 25 minutes elliptical
Wed: 40 minutes jogging + Physio treatment
Thu: 37 minutes easy
Fri: 55 minutes easy - moderate (out in 30:10, back in 25:40)
Sat: 34 minutes jogging incl 4 light strides
Sun: 72 minutes easy

Total 45.0 km for the week
Total time 3h:59m:00s
Av Pace 5:18 min/km
Year-to-date mileage 108.0 km (av. 54.0 per week)
Year-to-date av. pace 5:09/min/km

I also want to say thanks to a HK-based runner/blogger called 'by7' for writing a comprehensive outline of his marathon training. He recently ran Fukuoka marathon in 2:37 and finished 6th in the HK Half Marathon Championship last week with a time of 1:15.


Epi said...

Clown and I were talking recently about how tough it must be training there. I really struggle in mid20s moderate humidity here, on those rare days that happens.

Good luck keeping the training up, and thanks for the link to by7 - very educational training plan.

All the best


RunWitMe said...

Hi Sling Runner! Sorry for the late reply. The course of KLIM is relatively flat but do expect some sort of gradient up and down the highway ramps/ flyovers. There is no big hill to climb. Traffic congestion can be a problem at certain stretch but the police is tryting their best to help. It will be a scenic run as it will take you can see all the famous landmarks in KL like the National Mosque, KLCC, KL Tower, Bukit Bintang Shopping area etc. Should you need more info please write to runwitme@gmail.com