01 February 2008

Week 5 of Base Training: January Review

A fair start to the year.... 288k total for the month. Training composition includes 82% of slow-to-easy pace running, 11% at moderate-to-marathon pace, 2% at HM effort to LT pace, and 5% at 5k-10k paces.

My goal for January was to get fit after 3 months of slacking off during the transition period to Singapore and to be familiar with 5-6 running days per week. I think I've achieved these two goals, however I am still behind in terms of long runs. I only did two runs longer than 18k for the whole month !!! Long run is a bitch, still finding it tough to wake up early during weekends and when I start around 8am, the temperature is already in 30s (plus the humidity)

Will continue Base Training for the next 1-2 months before moving onto Marathon Training phase (3 months). My aim for February is simple: 1) Do a bit more running at HM/LT effort and most importantly 2) Long Runs or Die !

My training this week was as follows:

Mon: AM 35:00 recovery; PM 32:00 Easy/Hills
Tue: 65:00 incl. 10k steady @ 4:40 pace
Wed: AM 30:00 jogging,; PM 25:00 jogging
Thu: OFF (busy at work)
Fri: 60:00 easy incl. strides
Sat: OFF (holiday in Bangkok)
Sun: OFF (holiday in Bangkok)

Total 48.0 km for the week (av pace 5:12 min/km)
Year-to-date mileage 300 km (av 60.0 kmpw, av pace 5:10 min/km)

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Hamburglar said...

Good one Slingrunner,

Looks like you are being very wise/patient in your training approach. Keep it up.