13 February 2010


Week 4 of 9 to Seoul (halfway there)

Good to hear Clown & TB are thinking to run MM on an auspicious date of 10/10/10 !! Hope to make my 9th marathon start there (maybe I should run another one after Seoul to make MM the 10th) . How cool is that? 10th marathon on 10/10/10. It's also a week before my 39th birthday, a nice present!

But first things first. Managed to 'survive' the first 4 weeks of training. Another 3 weeks of hard training to go before 2 weeks taper.

I think my training has gone pretty well until today. I planned to do 20k non-stop tempo at 4:20 pace during a 30k long run. However, I found the pace to be too hot to handle and I ended up averaging 4:27. I also had to make a couple of lengthy breaks to stretch ITB/glutes and to rest.

It seems four weeks of 90k+ of 'rushed training' from scratch (without sufficient base mileage beforehand) have finally caught up with me. Old niggles around ITB and glutes are coming back, upper body parts such as necks, back are very tight and legs are like jello.

SW doesn't actually schedule any MP runs. Since I thrived on long MP runs in the past, I made the decision to do MP runs today and it backfired. Doing 2 speed session and 2 easy long runs in a week are probably just the right dosage for me. If I want to do MP long runs, perhaps I should to think about dropping one of the speed session to keep the legs fresher.

Will be going to Jakarta to vist family for Lunar New Year. My plan is to do short slow runs until Thursday when I return to Singapore. This means I will miss half a week of training but hopefully I will feel fresher by then.

Anyway, training this week:

Mon (threshold):
3.5k warm up (5:30)
15' fast, 4' jog, 10' fast, 3' jog, 10' fast
Covered 8.9k during fast reps, averaging 3:56min/km
Including recovery jogs, covered 10.2k in 42'00" (av pace 4:08)
2.3k cool down (5:30)
Total session 16k
Challenging workout, done 48 hours after 36k long run.

Tue (easy):
33mins easy treadmill (av pace 5:35)
Tight on time. Busy at work

Wed (long):
22k easy-moderate in 1h48m (av pace 4:56)
First half 5:15 pace (felt crap), second half 4:40s (strangely felt better)

Thu (fartlek):
4k warm up (5:00)
30 x 30secs on, 15secs off
First 15 reps av 3:35, last 15 reps av 3:45 (total 15mins of work at 3:40 av)
HR never got lower than 180 (90-95% max HR) in last 15 reps
Including recovery jogs, the workout covered 5.6k in 22'30" (av pace 4:02)
3k cool down (5:35)
Total session 12k+

Fri (easy):
42mins easy treadmill (av pace 5:35)
Light weights in the gym

Sat (long):
30k long run in 2h:21m (av pace 4:42)
The plan was to run 20k at 4:20 pace, ended up 4:27 pace (had to stop a few times to stretch ITB, glutes)
Tired legs. Including today's run, ran 130k in last 8 days

Sun (off):
Rest day

Total 94k (392k in last 4 weeks from scratch, av 98kpw)


Clown said...

Another solid week, well done. The tempo run was still a good effort.

Re Melb, if all goes to plan will be my 10th and a week after my 40th. I think we may have to go nuts that night :).

Enjoy Jakarta and your easy few days, getting a good massage may also do wonders.

Ewen said...

Yeah, squeeze in another, even if it's a 'training run' - 10th on the 10/10/10! Hopefully quicker than 3:10!

I'd stick to the 2 speed/2 easy long - esp if that's on the SW plan. When the marathon comes around, the speed and endurance meet with a MP race.

trailblazer777 said...

Thats 4 good weeks by the sound of it.
Going well!

Probably unrealistic expectation but any chance you can come over for the Monaghetti camp so the four of us original bloggers can all be there.

Agree strongly with ewens comment. Stick to the program if you can. Look after the ITB and glutes.

have to laugh at "First half 5:15 pace (felt crap), second half 4:40s (strangely felt better)", made me think of a comment from BigKev (did 2.56 in Melbourne in 2009, and gave me the inspiration to get on TV at start of city to surf) which is "anything less than sub 5minutes per KM is not acceptable" (although in my case I'm still working on that)...

Excellent long run. Sounds like you are due for an easy week, might help to settle the ITB, and the timing is perfect for an easy week, then back into it with some more hard weeks, and by the sounds of it looking good for an excellent result in Seoul at this stage!

MM plans sound excellent. I had my 10th in Melbourne last year, but cool if you and Clown are doing your 10th on 10/10/10...10 seconds (or is 10 minutes too much to expect) under 3 hours hopefully! See you there!

Epi said...

Looking good Sling,

So would you estimate your lactate threshold/HM pace at 3:56 right now?

trailblazer777 said...
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trailblazer777 said...

sorry if my comments are unhelpful, maybe I need to think through what I say more...