21 August 2010

Happy to get thru the week

Monday (easy):
30mins easy treadmill (av pace 5:30)

Tuesday (semi long run):
20k easy-moderate in 95mins (av pace 4:48)

Did the run at easy-to-moderate pace (slower than MP). First 30mins easy at 80% MP (5:05 min/km), next 30mins at 85% MP (4:50 min/km), next 30mins at 90% MP (4:38 min/km). I pulled a calf muscle from Sunday's run and the twinge got worsened today.

Wednesday (easy):
50mins easy treadmill (av 5:15 min/km)

Thursday (intervals):
10mins warm up, 3 strides
8*800 Yasso intervals, 2mins recovery
15mins cool down
Total 14k in (av 4:44 min/km)

On antibiotics due to throat infection and cough. My variation of Yasso with 2mins recovery instead of full recovery, but only did 8 reps. Done on the road and pressed the split button when Garmin showed 803-808 meters. Splits: 2.59.21, 2.57.02, 2.57.27, 2.58375, 2.59.12, 3.00.05, 2.59.47, 2.55.91 = average 2.58 per 800m. Total work 6.4k in 23:47 for an average pace of 3:43 min/km. This is not my best Yasso ever as a) recovery between reps was done very slowly at 6.20 min/km pace, and b) I was capable to do 8*800 with 75secs jog at similar pace a couple months ago. Actually not sure whether doing intervals with a sore throat was good idea either as more polluted air was sucked in.

Friday (easy):
38mins easy treadmill (av pace 5:32 min/km)

Saturday (long):
33k long run progressive in 2h:32m (av 4:37)
5k splits = 25:20, 24:25, 23:28, 22:45, 21:46, 21:15, 12:30 (last 3k)

Nice cooling weather with slight drizzle. The plan was to start easy for the first 5k, increase the pace every 5k and then finish around MP. Did the first 5k at 5:04 min/km, next 5k 4:52 min/km, next 5k 4:42min/km, next 5k at 4:34 min/km, next 5k at 4:22 min/km, next 5k 4:15 min/km, then last 3k at 4:05 pace. The pace for the last 3k was a bit overstated since I had to stop at 3 big intersections, hence it was more like 3 x 800m with break waiting to cross the road. Last 18k averaged 4:21 min/km or 3h:05m marathon pace. Was working hard but never really struggled. Total breaks were 10mins total (excluded from the timing), for drinks and stopping at various traffic lights.

Sunday (rest):


90k for the week with 1 workout and 1 long run. Basically happy to get a 'Pass' score and  complete a reasonable training week given all the circumstances - a) super duper busy at work; b) calf strain issues; and 3) throat infection/cough. Only managed to do 14k of this week's milage at race pace or faster, a significant step down from last week's 40k. On the flip side, the pace for my 2 long runs this week were faster than my customarily slog at 5:00 pace.

I looked back at my logs and compare the mileage I have done for this cycle and for my last marathon in Seoul (see chart below). I used the last 6 months data since most marathon programs are about 20 weeks long. Over 4 months period prior to the final 8 weeks, I ran a total 1340km (av 70 per week) during Seoul prep compared to 1507km (av 79) for Melbourne, which is 12% more. The week-by-week mileage fluctuates due to different races and down time done during the two cycles. But if you believe that recent mileage have more weight than the old ones, then over the last 10 weeks prior to the final 8 weeks, my mileage for Melbourne prep averages 87km as compared to Seoul's 67km, so I am running 30% more. Average pace for this period is virtually the same at around 4.55 min/km. So if intensity is roughly the same, overall mileage is higher and assuming I'll average 90k in the 8-weeks marathon specific phase, I think I might have a chance to PB.

Seven weeks left to go :(


trailblazer777 said...

cool graph! Well done on keeping things ticking over when the double whammy of injury and sickness strikes, especially when work picks up. Not sure about the wisdom of doing Yassos when you are sick, but a good one to have done. solid 20k, and excellent long run. Thats the thing about big intersections sometimes the traffic lights are working in your favour sometimes they arent. A bit like this week, really the traffic lights of good health and sufficient time available not really working for you, but you got 3 key sessions done, and kept the momentum going. Great move to compare with Seoul prep, I am doing similiar I am comparing progress with my last 3 Melbourne Marathon attacks.
Excellent to hear your mileage is higher this time around. Should be enough to land the PB then, if you can keep things going for a few more weeks. All the best with beating injury and sickness, and hopefully lifting the intensity a notch, when the body is ready...7 weeks to go, and on track!

Ewen said...

I think that's true - if you're hitting the same paces and carrying higher mileage then your prep is better.

For this week there's also the work/injury/cold issues Jonathon mentioned so a good week taking that into account. Very good on the 33k progression run. 1 month, 18 days to go, so enough time to put the icing on the cake.