08 August 2010

2 months left :(

Monday (intervals):
5k warm up to CCAB track (av 5:08)
5 x 1000m at 5-10k pace, 200m jog
4 laps of 100m fast, 100m slow
5k cool down (av 5:30)
Total 17.4k in 1h:24m (av 4:50 min/km)

My initial plan was to do 1000m repeats at 10k pace (3:50) which is akin to threshold session, but went too fast for the first 2 sets. Therefore, I just made it a threshold-cum-vo2max workout by doing 5 sets at a pace between 5k pace (3:42) and 10k pace (3:50). Splits were: 3.41.8, 3.45.2, 3.46.3, 3.44.2, 3.42.5 - average 3.44 min/km, with 200m jog recovery done in average of 75secs (1 to 3 rest-to-work ratio). Total work for 5k was 18:40. Finished the run with 4 laps of spint the straights, jog the curves. Did most of the 100m in a blazing pace 18secs, which sadly is slower than 42k pace for the Africans :) Overall, a good little session without pushing too hard (only hit 176 bpm as highest HR)

Tuesday (easy):
1 hour easy (av 5:22 min/km)
100 abs bench

Wednesday (threshold):
9k easy warm up (av 5:15)
5 x 6mins HM pace (4:05), 2 mins brisk recovery (4:40) - total 9.6k in 40mins, av HR 169
3k cool down including 4 uphill sprints
Total 21.5k in 1h:43m (av 4:48 min/km)
PM: 5k jog on treadmill (av 5:45)

So far in this cycle, I have been relatively comfortable with doing tempo run at HM pace (4:00s) for around 30-45 minutes. Decided to vary the stress, by running 9km first before embarking on the tempo session. And the long warm up really made a huge difference! Was planning to do around 50mins of tempo work, but my legs were fried and I decided to close shop at 40 minutes. was dehydrated too, only brought one water bottle. The paces were around 4.03-4:06 for the fast segments and 4:40 for the recovery, for a total of 9.6k (av 4:10). Hit 184 bpm - higher than Monday's intervals (176). After some walking, did 15mins cool down including 4 x 20secs uphill sprints (walk recovery).

Lost 3k of body weight (after factoring 600ml of fluid consumed during the run) for 100mins worth of running. This puts my sweat rate at 2.1 litres per hour, so during today's run I lost fluids equivalent to 10 cans of coke. No wonder my training/racing times suck with so much fluid lost and inability to replace it. A good reason to avoid running a local marathon, at least for a heavy sweater like me !

Thursday (easy):
1 hour easy (av 5:22 min/km)
including 4 barefoot strides on grass

Friday (easy):
40mins easy treadmill (av pace 5:25 min/km)
10mins medicine ball exercises

Saturday (long):
35k long run in 2h:52h (av 4:55min/km)

Another long run in the bag. Pace was in cruisy mode, first hour 5:05, second hour 4:55, and last 50mins or so at 4:45 min/km. Stopped for about 10mins total for drinks, which wasn't included in the time (I only logged moving time and not elapsed time). Although, I mentioned previosly that long run is my least favourite session, today was actually a pretty enjotable outing. I think the 37k run a couple of weeks ago taught my brain that long run is something that is repeatable.

Sunday (rest):
OFF. Core exercises

109k for the week with 2 workouts and a long run. Not much quality this week compared to last week. My average pace this week is 109k @ 5:05 min/km, while last week was 105k @ 4:50, so about 15secs per k slower for 100ks - which is a huge difference in terms of fitness benefits. Anyway, that's history now. For next week, I will travel to Jakarta for work again and have a tune-up race in the weekend, so mileage will be probably down by 20-30k.

I measured my weight a couple of times this week. A bit disappointing that my weight remains pretty similar at 66-67kg, although, I feel like I am getting leaner. Living in Singapore where the cuisine is a fusion of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Western, it' is so difficult to escape from liberal use of oil, curry, pork lard, ghee, sauces etc for day-to-day diet. I think I will hide my scale in the store room for a foreseeable future.

Congrats to Clown who smashed his HM PB ftom 86 to 82. You are on fire!

No dates for the Spain football trip yet, but they said it will still be in October. I have registered for the marathon before the early bird closed last week. My registration number is 3465 and I believe it has now reached 4400+ (capped at 4500 runners based on info from the MM website).

Two months to go and I am still not so ready!


Clown said...

Widi, a very good week,you ticked a lot of boxes . A few more of these and you'll be raring to go, well done.

trailblazer777 said...

Another solid week in particular the 35k run and the two workouts all very good stuff. On track for sure. Good to hear you have got your entry done sounds like as I predicted entries will reach limit in mid August. hopefully the spain trip wont clash. agree re avoid local marathons. keep at it, and hopefully you can step things up a notch in the quality workouts and finetune the racing weight a bit. way to go!

by7 said...

in my unimportant opinion, you are going very well
All the training plan is working in the right direction. Just do not lose faith in yourself because you feel slow in Singapore's heat...
(NOTE: this morning I was jogging to run at 5'00"/k .. and I was still tired after the run + usual weight loss of 2kg...)

Ewen said...

Yes, another good week there. Nice that the long run was easier, although the stress is always going to be high in Singapore weather.

Where do you get the theory that average pace on the kms per week (eg, 4:50 vs 5:05) indicates fitness benefits? Surely you could take the easy runs/warm-ups out of this? By the way, I like the longer warm-ups, but again, hard in your climate. If you want to have such a stat, wouldn't number of kms done at, say, HM race pace or better be more of a fitness indication?

On the 100m sprints, keep going until you can beat Geb's 17.63 per 100 average pace ;)

Sling Runner said...

Ewen - I was just guessing. Surely doing 100k at 4:50 pace is better than 100k at 5:05 pace if the target goal is to run marathon at 4:15 pace?

Ewen said...

Sling, my take is that there's a danger of going too quick on non-specific runs just to bring the average weekly pace down. For instance, 100k at 5:05 pace is better if you've got one 30k long run in there at 4:20 pace (or a similar type of session).

In intervals, sometimes you see a runner going "fast" on the recoveries and not hitting the goal pace on the rep or "interval" (too slow)... so the total time of the session might be the same, but the effect isn't. So, a similar mistake to measuring average weekly pace.

I still think a better measure of specific fitness would be total number of kms @ marathon race-pace or faster each week. So, 25k total @ 4:15 pace is a better week than 15k @ 4:15 pace.

Sling Runner said...

Point taken. Thinking about it, gotta agree than weekly average pace is not perfectly comparable since the training mix is different (easy runs, speed, long etc).

Thanks for the advice!