24 October 2010

Different Settings

Only ran two times, 6k and 9k. And the 9k felt like 30k with the current biomechanics and fitness that I am in.. Started to use orthotics, but it still gave me some shin splits. In the next coming week,  I will try to use the orthotics with other shoes in order to evaluate which one fits best. In general, the ankle (and extensor tendon) is back 80%. However, the anterior and posteriro tibialis are still giving me griefs.

Since I don't have much to write, I am putting up some photos on different training environments between Singapore and Australia.

The comparison is meant for fun only :)

a) Two minutes jog away from my in-laws' house, there is a large, smooth grassy field. The soft surface is perfect for doing recovery run!

b) Two minutes away from my apartment in Singapore,  all I can find is this concrete jungle.

a) In Australia, you can run to your office in CBD on traffic free running path. For instance, this Yarra trail in Melbourne is approx 30k long connecting the city with the eastern suburbs.

b) In Singapore, this traffic-free concrete running path to the CBD is unfortunately, only 3km long

a) In Australia, all running paths and parks have water fountains placed every couple of kms

b) In Singapore, to staisfy runners' thirst,  every couple of kms, you can find the following:


Ewen said...

That's positive news on the injury front.

I wish you wouldn't advertise how good running in Australia is - our races are crowded enough already ;) I can beat you though - 2 minutes from my house are lovely bush trails and 10 minutes jogging to a grass track :)

Clown said...

Hopefully the orthotics will do the trick.

I'll be joining you in the concrete journal in Jan, holidays are booked.

by7 said...

nice one....

I know what you mean...
now you give me the inspiration to make a similar photo collection about running in Dongguan...with factory landscape and concrete...

Scott Brown said...

But on the whole, I reckon, Sinapore has more to offer those that like city living and have a taste for asian food, like me ;)

trailblazer777 said...

Cool comparison pics and comments, I like the one of the Tan finish. Agree with ewen, ssshhhh dont tell everyone about the running options in WA our races already getting crowded.
Seriously though well done on your runs, and hopefully you will be back firing on all cylinders soon!