26 December 2010

Merry X Mas

Mon: 3k wu, 2 x 10 mins threshold interval (3:55 min/km), with 3mins jog, 5mins rest, 6 x 25secs hill with walk recovery, 3k cd, Total 12.5k

Tue: 8k easy (av 5:10)
Wed: 3k wu, 5 x 1100m with 3mins rec (CCAB track); splits 3.59.2, 4.00.2, 4.00.2, 4.02.7, 3.58.6 (av 3.38.5 min/km), 5k cd, Total 14.7k
Thu: 40mins recovery (av 5:46), treadmill
Fri: 20k long run in 97mins (av 4:52)
Sat: off
Sun: off (couldn't wake up early)
Total 62k for the week

After two weeks of crappy training where I only managed to do only one workout, this week I did two: tempo and intervals. Unlike other programs, Magill does not put a lot of focus on tempos - in fact, only a couple 2 x 10mins and 2 x15mins. Did the former early in the week and upgraded my tempo pace from 4:00s to 3:55 since the length was short, before finishing with 8 x 25 secs hill. I am now in the 3rdweek of the plan and my intervals have progressed from 5x3, 4x4, and now 5x4 all with 3mins rec. Did this week session on the track aiming to complete each 1100m under 4:00. Got stuffed in the fourth one and had to take walk recovery to do the 5th one. Average pace for all five were 3:38min/km (approx 18:10 pace) with HR hitting 187 bpm.It was bloody tough, but it's good to push myself a bit. Had 3 more Magill specials to go: 4 x 5, 5x5, and 12-16 x 400. Out of these three, the 5x5 looks like a badass session - that is equivalent to 5 x1400-1500m at 5k effort/pace.

Next week, we will have a short holiday in Sentosa for a couple of nights, hence no runs early in the week (it's road to nowhere training anyway, right?). My original plan was to do a 3000m track time trial on Friday, but now I am having a second thoughts. Not sure whether it is better if I just do a nornal training then do the time trial when Rob comes to town the following week. Anyway, he is 36min 10ker and 2.53 marathoner, so my 3k or 5k pace should feel like a tempo run to him ;) LOL

Merry belated Chirstmas everyone !!!


trailblazer777 said...

Merry Christmas! Sounds like you are cranking up the intensity there with some pretty savage intervals sessions. 187 bpm is starting to get into the red zone HR wise, I find if I'm getting into the 190's Im really giving my all.
Be interesting to see whats ahead, and sounds good that you are going to be running with Clown. All the best in 2011, could be some very special performances just around the corner...

Ewen said...

Belated merry Christmas to you Sling, and all the best for 2011. All of those look like badass sessions! Can't say I'm looking forward to the switch from Hadd to Magill after reading that.

If you can get Rob to pace you that would be perfect - exact pacing on the track (from the first 200) is what you need for that time trial.