01 January 2011

C score for TT

Mon: 3.5k wu, 5k hard tempo in 19:15 (av 3:51), 6x200 (37-38) + 1 x 400 (80), 2k cool down, Total 13k
Tue: off
Wed: 40mins easy (av 5:22), treadmill
Thu: 3000m solo Time Trial in 10:47 (av 3:35.66), Total 11k, pm 30mins jogging
Fri: 30mins recovery (av 5:33), fever
Sat: 17.3k long run in 84mins (av 4:52)
Sun: off
Total 60k for the week

Did 3000m TT solo on Thursday in 10.46 at CCAB track…slightly under expectation

I set 3 time goals, namely an 1) A score of 10.30 (3.30 min/km) but hard to do given lack of 1500-3000m pace training (I did a bit on Monday for first time); 2) B score of sub 10:40 (~3:33 pace) which is achievable, and 3) C score of 10:45 (3:35 pace) which is the required 5k pace for sub 18.

At the end, my pace averaged out to be just a touch over 3.35 min/km, so a C score. Not sure I can run another 2000m at this pace in order to make 18 flat.

A couple of reasons/excuses:

1) Had a slight fever and took cold tablets the night before. Early in the week we went for a quick getaway in Sentosa Island, off 300m from the mainland (can you call that an 'overseas' holiday?). Had great time dining, swimming, visiting Universal Studios. However, the aircon at the Hard Rock Hotel was too strong and I came down with a fever and runny nose.

2) I think my 5k hard tempo on Monday was too hard. This was done at 3:50 pace or current 10k pace. And I followed this with a bunch of quick reps (200s in 37s). Probably 3 days was not sufficient to recover from this session for Thursday's TT.

3) I didn't execute the TT well, especially the middle miles where my 400m splits blew up to 88secs. I wasn't struggling but legs just wasn't primed to move fast and I was saving a bit of reserves for a kick in the last 200m. Unfortunately, my kick turned out to be lame at the end and I felt I still had a bit more in the tank. Splits: 84.06, 86.58, 87.20, 88.45, 88.15, 88.65, 86.30, last 200 in 37.57 (I started from 400m marker and not 200m marker). Probably should have ran to the barn from 400m out and not last 200m.

So what's next?

Plugging this time to Mcmillan, it predicts 18.47 5k (ouch). This is slower than my 18.33 PB done solo on the same track in the middle of this year (more mileage, less intervals). And if plug 18 flat 5k, the equivalent 3000m timing is 10.20. No way I can do this timing over 3k!!

On the positive side, I improved my PB by 5secs from 10.51 - which was done last year during a track race. So, bettering my 3000m time in a solo effort and when not 100% healthy probably ain't that bad. This PB (on the second last day of the year) means that I scored 4 PBs in 2010 yay

In sum, sub-18 goal looks a bridge too far right now. Basically, I need to run at today's 3k TT pace for another 2000m !!! There might be some possible improvements, from 3 more weeks of training until end-Jan, earlier kick (changing the start from 400 marker to 200, psychologically to allow kicking from the 'bell'), tapering (no hard workout 3 days prior), and maybe a kilo or two less weight (from better diet). At this juncture, somewhere under 18.10-18.20 looks more realistic, especially in a solo TT condition.

Might ease the training next week in order to shake out the fever and runny nose. Clown will be in town and I don't wanna take him for a long run at plodding pace.

Happy New Year everyone !!


raven said...

If u need a pacer for ur TT, I can rough it out for 1km with u=) perhaps for the penultimate km ( where things might get a lil tougher), and u can finish it off with whatever kicks u have left=D
happy new year!!=)

Clown said...

Widi,Happy New Year and good to see another pb. Look forward to catching up next week.

Could always do a 3k TT on Sat morning and long run Sunday :).

Clown said...

Hope you feel better soon.

tbz(sgrunners) said...

It is best for you to recover fully before you go back to your usual training.Just don't pressure yourself too much here.

Well,a late happy 2011 here to you and may you enjoy injury free running and more PBs to come =D

This is trailblazer (sgrunners)

trailblazer777 said...

Well done on the PB 3k. Thats a great effort, and considering the runny nose (I had a problem a bit like that at 6 inch this year) its a fantastic!!! effort, when not 100%.

It takes about 4 weeks of good solid focused speedwork to really bring a 3k time down IMO I think if you build on the momentum you have there, you could be around the 10.20-10.30 in a months time, if you do the correct work hard enough and often enough.
my 2 cents on the kick; There are different types of kick, there is the long kick a long way out from home like Solinsky dropping the hammer 800m-1k from home in the 26.59 10k in 2010. Then there is the short maximal effort kick designed to make the most of the first energy system on the last lap (last 400m) The short kick is a 30-90 second thing. It sounds like there is a few seconds to be gained for you there, and I agree, your kick for home could be a lot better. anywhere around 150-350m is ideal, although if well trained enough possibly can stretch it out to 500m.
It took me about 1-2 weeks to get my running nose healed last month. You have some good momentum back again, keep at it! All the best!!

Ewen said...

First, congrats on the PB. Always harder to run a PB solo. Pretty much agree that sub-18 looks unlikely (at the moment), as from my experience you'd need the 3000 to be close to or under 10:20.

Definitely agree with point 2! Much too hard Monday. The session 2 days before my steeple PB was 4 x 400m.

Anyway, all the best with matching or beating 4 PBs in 2011. And yes, go with the long (400+) kick for home.