18 December 2010

Too heavy

I stepped on the weight scale today after an absence of 3 months and it showed:

71 kg !!!!!!!!!!

That's too heavy for a 169cm guy. I was around 65-66 kg whilst training for Melbourne Marathon just 3 months ago. A combination of 1.5 months of injury layoff, 1.5 months of sporadic training (~30-50k a week), and festive seasons dinners have ballooned my weight by 6 kg :(

That's probably also the reason why I began to get niggles and soreness again. Joints such as ankles and knees were sore, especially after interval session. My racing time got slowed and I struggle regularl during intervals/tempos.

Anyway, training this week

Mon: 8k easy in 41:05 (av 5:08), treadmill
Tue: 11k watchless tempo in ~50:00 (av 4:33)
Wed: 8k easy in 40:20 (av 5:10), incl 4 x 15s barefoot strides
Thu: 12k in , incl. 4 x 4:00 intervals, av pace for the fast segments 3:37, 3:36, 3:45 (???), 3:35 min/km
Fri: 8k easy in 43:20 (av 5:25), treadmill
Sat: 18k easy long run in 91:30 (av 5:05)
Sun: rest
Total 65k for the week

A so-so week in terms of training. Was supposed to do intervals on Tuesday but GPS battery was flat, hence I decided to run at strong effort on a measured loop. Forgot to run the hill reps this week, The 4 x 4mins intervals with 3mins jog on Tuesday were difficult effort wise. Three of them were in the 3.35-3.37 min/km range, but for one of the rep, my pace was about 10secs per km off due to a lack of concentration and fatique. Covered on average 1.1k for the 4mins, so essentially it was a 4x 1.1k workout.

With about 5 more training weeks to go before my 5k TT (our holiday is now 1 week earlier than scheduled), it seems that sub 3.36 min/km for 5k is a bit of pipeline dream for me right now. Next week calls for 5 x 4mins (~1.1k), 3mins jog and hopefully I will have better idea whether sub-18 is doable or whether it will be a bridge too far.

One thing for sure, I can't run fast with this weight, duh  :(

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Ewen said...

Wow! Interesting number... I was 70-71 kg 20 years ago, but I'm 185cm tall.

Agree that sub-18 will be tough. Every 'extra' kg is worth 30 secs over a 10k race, so 3 minutes... maybe 1:30 for 5k.