07 January 2011

2010 Review & 2011 Goals

2010 Review:

3000m: 10.46 (5secs PB from 2009) - solo track TT
5000m: 18.33 (15secs PB from 2007) - solo track TT
10 KM: 38.20 (60secs PB from 2006) - solo TT by Garmin
Marathon: 3:03:49 (61secs PB from 2009) - Seoul Marathon

Mileage: 3618 (vs 3649 in 2009)
Weight: 68-70 kg, 15% body fat

In general, a pretty decent year with 4 PBs. I call it decent because although the improvements were small ranging from 5secs in 3k to 1min in marathon, but it has been a long time since I got more than 2 PBs in a single running year (last time was 2006). The fact that my PBs range from 3k-42k shows that I can improve in all distances even when I am about to enter 40.

HM distance continued to be the worst performing distance. Did 3 HMs in 2010 (91, 89, 93), all in Singapore. For 3k-5k distances, I am fine racing in hot weather, but anything further than 10k, my dehydration rate is just too fast and furious to handle. I didn't fell like spending $$$ specifically to travel overseas in order to run the HM.

Favourite race:
Seoul Marathon was the highlight. Freezing condition, but with a very deep field (3.03 ranked me in the top 900). It was an impromptu decision to run the marathon and I only had 8 weeks to prepare. Decided to take a risk by gunning for sub-3 but got undone in the 2nd half (89-94 splits). Running a marathon the day after my son's first birthday made it even more special.

The Madrid 10k race was a close second favourite race. It was a unique race for football fans, running from Real Madrid stadium and ending at Athletico Madrid's. I just returned from 1.5 months injury layoff and managed to run 38.50. This further confirmed that I am a crap hot weather racer because I could run 30secs off 10k PB even after a long lay-off. None of the local races stood out, except the Army Half which I reckon is the best orgranized race locally.

Lesson of 2010:
I had a great training block between April and August to prepare for Melbourne Marathon in October, but the injury struck in September. Went to several physios and sports doctors and they all said it was due to overworked calf muscles whiich resulted in poor landing form and tendon damage around the ankle and tibia. The stupid thing is that I didn't want to rest and still continued training/racing albeit at lower volume because I thought the pain will go away in 4 weeks (with training reduction). At the end of the day, the pain never went away and I became a spectator on race day.

One of the frustrating thing is that none of the local physios and sports doctor locally suggested me to visit podiatrists. In Melbourne, I decided to visit one and he gave me an off-the-shelf insole (with added padding) .Two weeks later, I managed to run again relatively pain free.

Main lesson is to deal with injuries quickly, decisively and occasionally gotta think out of the box. I’ve worked damn too hard to not take any small injury seriously. One or two weeks off is far better than being the fittest guy on the sideline.

For 2011, I am planning to invest more in recovery tools, such as deep tissue massages (every 2 weeks  during marathon training). I've also bought a tens machine and the stick to use at home.

2011 Goals:
5000m: sub 18 (not training specifically)
10k: sub 38 (not training specifically)
Marathon: sub-3 (ultimate)

Weight: 62-65 kg (<10% body fat)
Mileage: whatever it adds up to

Marathon races:
Perth/Gold Coast marathon in June/July
Oct marathon to celebrate 40 YEARS OLD
Singapore marathon in Dec

The ultimate goal is still sub-3 and I'll have a couple of shots this year (first time doing marathon more than one in a single year). Once we come back from European holiday in Feb, I will decide which mid-year marathon to do. The decision will depend on how bad my fitness will deteriorate after a month-long holiday. Perth gives me 15 weeks of prep (inlcuding taper), while Gold Coast gives a ouple of weeks extra training.

Then, I plan to do a marathon in Oct to celebrate the graduation of becoming an old man. Melbourne, Beijing (China) or Chuncheon (Korea) could be an option, but Melbourne currently looks the most viable again.. I don't wanna travel to US/Europe (Chicago, Amsterdam) since I need to save some money for a possible Boston 2012. Singapore marathon in December has no goal time and I simply want to compare how I fare against other veteran runners locally.


by7 said...


I think that the weight is #1 enemy and your time will go down significantly if you improve your fat content
If you lose 3-4kg, you will hit sub3 even at the current level of "aerobic power"... just pure math

(for your reference I am at 10% body fat... nothing special, but I am not a slim built)

Ewen said...

Not too bad a year really (considering the injury late in the piece). Even small PBs are good.

Yes, drop the weight and you'll run faster. I was a bit on the scrawny side at 70kg 20 years ago (6'3"). Just try and get to your best racing weight (whatever that is). Gold Coast/Melbourne double is a good one. I think you'll go sub-3 in one of those.