29 January 2011


Have been spending 12-16 hours each day in the office to ensure my work is completed before I disappear on holiday for a month. Only ran 22k in the last six days.

Didn't manage to do the 5000m TT because I know the time would be shitty anyway. My training in the last month was crap due to a combination of flu virus and stresssful time at the office.

Talking about flu, it seems almost everyone got the flu. Last week, there were 20k cases reported in government clinics. That number is outside private clinics, hospital, and GPs.

No regrets of doing the 5k training eventhough, nothing good came out of it at the end. My alternative was  to do base training to get ready for marathon training block starting in March. But since I was ill with flu for 3 weeks and was super duper busy at work, I doubt I could do a lot of miles. Running 40-50k a week with some intensities is certainly better than running the same mileage at easy pace.

My hope for the next 1 month or so is to run at least 2-3 times a week. This could include running around the walking track on a cruise ship and of course, running on land. The good thing is that we'll be spending most of our time in Italy, which should have a lot of nice parks to run, for instance, our hotel in Rome is just a couple of blocks from Villa Borgesse. Not sure I will be keen to run in a place like Casablanca where it looks like to be polluted and crowded.

Hopefully, my fitness will not be eroded a lot in the next few weeks and I could ramp up my training smoothly when I return in March. The marathon is not far away, around 3-4 months by the time I get back and I really don't wanna start marathon training from ZERO fitness.


Ewen said...

Shame about the 5000, but maybe have a go during the marathon prep. Agree with "Running 40-50k a week with some intensities is certainly better than running the same mileage at easy pace." I think I'll need to average 90k a week on Maffetone training (where the intensity is moderate).

Enjoy the holiday, but keep some running going if you can. Zero is a low starting point!

trailblazer777 said...

A holiday is as good as a change...(to reverse a cliche)...Hope the change of scenery helps fire up the motivation as you explore Italia. Hope the illness times are done for awhile, and you can make the most of a change in environment. Its been very humid and hot in Perth the last few days, made me think of your tropical climate. All the best with renewing enthusiasm, and kickstarting the training in earnest again. Yove done too well in recent years to let all that go to waste...