08 January 2012

Week 2 of 12

Week 2 of 12, 55-70 miles program

Pfitz program: 19, 18, 8, 14 (4miles tempo), 8, 27 = 94 km
Actual: 9, 18, 7, 16 (30mins tempo), 8, 30 = 88 km

Missed one medium long run, therefore didn't hit the scheduled mileage. But I am okay with that as other sessions were accomplished. We had a bit of wind here throughout the week, and I really liked the cooling effect. Legs felt tired and tight, so it will be better to get a massage sooner than later.

Next week schedule (week 3) is similar to Week 1 with 2 medium long runs and MP long run in term sof structure. The differences are simply the increasing distance for the midweek long run (up to 22k) and MP run (10 miles at MP pace vs 8 miles in week 1) and overall mileage which rises to 99km per week (gulp)

Mon 02-01-12
9 km moderate with hill strides in 42mins (av 4.40)
The program calls for 19k, but only had the time to do half of that. Ran on the river path at moderate pace, finishing with 6 * 20secs hill strides

Tue 03-01-12
18 km medium long run in 86mins (av 4.49)
Ran in the afternoon (around 4pm) and found the weather wasn't too bad. I think I struggled more with humidity rather than heat. Ran the medium long run the Pfitz way, started at 5.00s, then 4.50s in the middle part, and about 4.35 pace in the last 5km.

Wed 04-01-12
7 km recovery run in 38mins (av 5.30)
A treadmill run in my condo's gym. Not sure about the machine's calibration, but my legs seem to enjoy the softer surface.

Thu 05-01-12
16 km in 75mins (av 4.44), including 30mins tempo (av 4.01)
Warmed up for 3km including some strides to The Canal. Pfitz 12 week plan schedules for 4 miles tempo, but I prefer to do a nice round number. I wasn't in tip top condition today, hence the effort was harder than anticipated. Ran pretty much at constant pace of 4.00 throughout. Tried to up the ante in the last k, but just didn’t have it. Av HR for the tempo was 168 bpm, with a high of 178. Warmed down for 5.5k including a bunch of strides.

Fri 06-01-12
8 km recovery run in 44mins (av 5.32)
Easy run around home and the river.

Sat 07-01-12
30 km long run in 2h27m (av 4.54)
Ran the first 15k at 5.00-5.10 pace, of which 12k was done on Padang grass field. Then ran the last 15k at 4.40 min/km pace along the Kallang basin path to the National Stadium and back. Felt tired.

Total 88k (6 runs) in 7h13m (av 4.56)

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Ewen said...

Nice week Sling. Looks like you're handling it well. Are the Pfitz plans on the web anywhere?