14 January 2012

Week 3 of 12

Week 3 of 12, modified Pfitz 55-70 miles program

Pfitz program: 14, 22, 8, 19, 8, 27 (16k MP) = 99 km
Actual: 17, 22, 8, 10+6, 8, 27 (16k MP) = 98 km

A good week, as I pretty much met the scheduled mileage and wokout. Had a good 10mile MP run today, averaging 4.12 min/km - although it wasn't a continuous run as I had one brief break in the middle for a drink.Left ankle a bit sore afterwards, probably due to jarring. Might take it a bit easy for the next few days and run on grass.

A quarter of the program has gone (3 weeks out of 12) and still my chance of doing Seoul is 50-50. Probably will make a call in the next 3-4 weeks. By then, I would have a bout 6 weeks of solid training and a 12-13 mile MP session, which hopefully will become good reference points.

Next week's schedule (week 4) will become harder. In terms of structure, there will be a tempo run, 2 medium long runs - with distances rising to 21 and 24k, and 30k long run. The total mileage will hit 105 km, or about 5 miles lower than the expected peak (70 miles). The 2 medium long runs will also be a challenge in terms of getting up early and finding the time.

Mon 09-01-12
17 km medium long run with fartlek in 81mins (av 4.47)
Wanted a workout that is not too taxing so as not to be materially different to Pfitz's aerobic medium long run. Started with 5k easy, then went for a fartlek around Padang grass field. Did 2 sets of 5-4-3-2-1 mins with 2mins recovery between reps to make the session pretty much aerobically comfortable. The 'ON's were not fast - the 5-4-3 mins reps done at 4.00-4.15 min/km pace, while the 2 and 1 mins reps were at 3.55 and 3.45 pace respectively. Could really tell the difference of doing the workout on grass as the muscles and joints were less sore afterwards compared to doing in on concrete/bitumen.

Tue 10-01-12
22 km medium long run in 108mins (av 4.56)
Started the run at around 5am and did one loop of outer Botanic (Nasseem, Cluny), Dempsey loop and from/to home. Felt sleepy and sluggish for the first one hour or so. Ran the first 15k at 5.05 pace, then last 7k at 4.40-ish pace. Hamstring a bit tight.

Wed 11-01-12
8 km recovery run in 46mins (av 5.45)
Pace was slower than expected as my normal recovery pace is around 5.15-5.30. Had a sports massage in the afternoon.

Thu 12-01-12
A) 10 km easy in 50.40 (5.04); B) 6 km easy in 28.30 (4.45)
Supposed to be a 16-19 km medium long run, but was too knackered to wake up early. Split the session into a double - 10km easy in the morning, then 6 km at moderate pace, finishing with 4 * 20secs hill strides. Although, I am not hitting the scheduled session as a single, but I reckon I don't lose much in terms of training effect.

Fri 13-01-12
8 km recovery run in 44mins (av 5.32)
Easy run around home and the river.

Sat 14-01-12
27 km in 147mins with 16k MP tempo (av 4.12)
Second series of MP tempo - first was 8 miles done in tempo wave style a couple of weeks ago. Route was 2 loops of the Canal + 2 out & back Margaret/Dawson + 2 loops of the Canal. Ran the first 8k in 33.40 (av 4.13 min/km), then had very brief stop to take my water bottle and gel, and then completed the second 8k in 33.28 (av 4.11 min/km). Total tempo 16k in 67.08 with av pace of 4.12 min/km, av HR 165 bpm. I'd rate it as a hard controlled effort, not very hard, but I was working and was quite pleased when I finished. Did 5k wu and 6k wd for 27km for the day.

4.13/149, 4.12/157, 4.10/160, 4.14/160, 4.12/162, 4.13/164, 4.11/164, 4.14/166 = 33.40, av 160 bpm
< 60secs drink break
4.12/161, 4.13/168, 4.09/168, 4.10/169,4.14/170, 4.10/171, 4.11/173, 4.10/174 = 33.28, av 169 bpm

Total 98k (6 runs) in 8h8m (av 4.58)


Ewen said...

That was a good week. Looks like you're getting used to the mileage and MP running. Sounds like you're running stronger. Thanks for the link to the Pfitz article - always interested in different training programs even though I'm far from thinking about running another marathon.

Anonymous said...

Pftiz's 27k MP run calls for 11km easy follows by 16km MP, and not to break the 11km into WU and WD.