21 January 2012

Week 4 of 12

Week 4 of 12, 55-70 miles modified program

Pfitz program: 21, 24, 8, 16 (5miles tempo), 8, 29 = 106 km
Actual: 15, 21, 9, 16 + 5, 7, 32 = 105 km

Four weeks have pased and I am beginning to feel some tiredness. Been struggling to wake up early in the morning, which caused me to shorten the 2 medium long runs on Mon & Tue (21, 24). Although at the end, I was able to catch up with the schedule by doing a double on Thu and adding a couple of ks on the weekend long run. Only one workout this week (a tempo), while the others are easy aerobic runs.

Next week is a recovery week, which comes at the right time for me. We are going away for the long weekend, so I'll only have about 5 running days next week. The program schedules 90-95 km next week, but I will be happy I can exceed 80k.

Mon 16-01-12
15 km easy moderate in 73mins (av 4.52)
Had very little sleep last night. A medium long run of 21km is scheduled, but I only had the time to do around 15 click. Ran the first 10k easy at 5.00-5.10 min/km (mostly on grass) including some pick-ups to wake up the legs. The ran the last 5k at around 4.30 pace for a total of 15k, which is 6km less than planned.

Tue 17-01-12
21 km medium long run in 103mins (av 4.55)
Had 24km in the program, but I didn't have a full 2-hour to run on a weekday. Ran 20mins segments @ 5.05, 5.00, 4.55, 4.50, and 4.45 min/km for a total of 21k at average pace of 4.55. Very tired.

Wed 18-01-12
9 km recovery run in 50mins (av 5.34)
Easy run around home and the river.

Thu 19-01-12
AM 16 km in 77mins with 35mins tempo (av 4.03)
Quite a warm, humid morning. Legs not too snappy from the recent increased mileage and training load. Happy to survive the tempo (albeit a short one) as my pace faded in the last 5-10mins due to tiredness. Av HR was 168 bpm with a high of 178 - a tad low, maybe because my legs couldn't run fast. Did 3k warm up and 4k cool down (very slow) for 16k total.

PM 25mins recovery run (av 5.23)
A short run to add some volume (make-up for Monday's shortfall), and hopefully flush the crap out of the system after thirs morning's tempo session.

Fri 20-01-12
7.4 km recovery run in 42mins (av 5.40)
Easy run around home and the river.

Sat 21-01-12
32 km in 155mins (av 4.50)
Ran from home, 2 loops of outer Botanic Gardens, Dempsey loop and a bit of riverside. Ran 30mins segments @ 5.15, 5.00, 4.45, 4.35, then 20mins of 4.25 min/km and last 15mins jogging. Would have liked to run the last 30mins at somewhere close to MP but legs, hammies, and glutes were burning. Running time excluded about 10mins of stoppages (toilet, drinks, stretching)

Total 105k in 8h45m (av 5.00)

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