12 October 2010

Ground Zero

The 10-10-10-10 became a big 0.

So far, my leg pain was concentrated on the anle and lateral shin, but all of a sudden my posterior shin was hurting too. Tried to run on Wednesday before flying and then on Friday in Melbourne, but no good. I struggled even to hold marathon pace for 3 minutes.

Didn't feel like jogging a race. If this was a Boston, NY or Berlin which is something I won't do in life very often and costs a bomb, I might get a cortizone shot or something like that to numb the pain. I go to Melbourne twice a year and stay at the in-laws, so the only cost is frequent flyer points for the flight.

Went to MCG and watched people finishing the race from the grandstand. It hurt not being able to run.

Was estatic to see Rob getting a massive 6mins PB to finish in 2.53. Bloody awesome. 10 minutes improvement from 3.03 to 2.53 within 6 months is mighty impressive. Couldn't imagine that 5 years ago, we were doing 42-45 minutes 10k races together!

Another impressive thing was how discipline Rob was. He wasn't tempted to drink even during his own 40th birthday and then with me on Friday at the Young and Jacksons. Although he drank lots after the marathon  ;)

Good to catch up with TB after the race too.

Also went to visit a sports medical centre over here. Did some research on the web and called to get appointment with some of the country top Track & Field physios. Unfortunately, the top dogs are in Delhi for the Commonweatlh Games and they are fully booked for the next couple of months anyway. As a result, all I get was the left-overs !

Anyways, the rehab continues. Will take a sabbatical leave from running for a while.

A photo taken from the wall of the physio centre...


Epi said...

Really sorry to hear that Sling. Good luck with the rehab

So what do they think is going on in your lower leg?

trailblazer777 said...

Was nice to catch up to celebrate Robs 40th. It takes a lot of mental fortitude to show up in those circumstances, so massive respect to you on that score. At least you got to see Clowns 2.53, can totally understand why you didn't run.
Tough times.

Thats a cool Mottram photo leading Haile...!!! All the best with the recovery and rehab, looks like I may be in a similiar boat with my calf, but I hope not. Keep pushing for the good physios and the best treatment, and make the most of the contacts you have established until you get this thing sorted out, and eventually like Mottram has started to do in recent weeks, you will return to bigger and better times, and be doing something similiar to Clown. The higher our peaks in life, the lower the valleys...
Madrid,New York, Berlin, London, Boston, Paris? Maybe Alice Springs, Hobart, Gold Coast, Perth. Many big peaks ahead there for the taking still if you can retain the mental focus, and get the physiological issues sorted. While waiting to get the injury sorted, attack something else like cycling, or some other pursuit, maybe even a non-sport one. All the best with teaching Sling Junior to run too, thats a very important job too. Put that mental toughness to use. All the best. Look forward to hearing what happens next...

five fingers said...

Sorry to hear bout your leg...Wishing you'll get well soon...God bless!

Ewen said...

Sorry you didn't get to race. I'm sure you'll get on top of the injury before too long. Plenty of races to look forward to.

Amazing improvement from your friend to go from 42/5 min 10k races to 2:53. If he can do it, so can you!

Scott Brown said...

Yes the best is yet to come Sling.
You live to fight another day!

All the best with rehab mate.

Did I ever tell you the Ewen was in rehab too. He had a drinking problem. Yes, he used to be a heavy drinker, in fact "when Alcohol does it's taxes it still writes Ewen in as a dependant!"

Clown said...

Great to catch up in Melb.

All the best with the recovery, you'll come back better and stronger.

2011-Year of the Sling.