18 January 2011

Real World

Training hasn't gone well lately…in fact only ran a massive total of 10k in the past 5 days

I still haven't been able to completely shake out the fever and cough virus even after 3 weeks. Normally I would recover pretty quick if I took antibiotics, but for some reasons, this one seemed to take longer to go away.

Unfortunately, I spreaded the virus to my son. And he had a high fever of 40c for a couple of days. Standby-ed at home last weekend at home in case we had to take him to the hospital. The good thing, his condition has improved this week.

Work was super busy and stressful too. Meetings took place late into the nights and even on weekends. Had no time nor desire to run after a long day.

In terms of 5k training, I'd score myself between a C and a D, no denying that. My original intention was to follow Magill schedule, but ended up only doing 4 out of 6 scheduled intervals (5*3mins, 4*4mins, 5*4mins, 5*1k) and a only 1 out of 5 hill repeats sessions. Furthermore, his program is actually based on high-mileage (he runs 140-160k to train for 5k). At my level, I was aspiring to do a mortal level of 70k per week but only averaged around 50k in the last 2 months.

I still plan to do the 5000m track TT next week, but do not expect a good timing. Just doing it to keep some motivation up.

Talkng about motivation, for some reasons I only got excited and motivated if I am training for a marathon. For the last couple of months, I wasn't excited at all. I preferred to sleep in and feel lazy to wake up in wee hours to pound the miles.

It was nice catching up with Rob last weekend. We ran 21k at 4.30 pace which was a brisk pace for me, but definitely an easy pace for him, even with one hour sleep! Three months to go to Boston and he's already cranking 140km weeks, 4:00 min/km marathon at Boston is surely on the cards.

Hopefully, after the European holiday in Feb, I can confirm a marathon race/date and start to feel excited again !!!


Clown said...

I'm glad to hear your son is ok. Hopefully you'll shake yours fully soon.

It was good catching up and hopefully the next couple of weeks you get some good km's in.

Ewen said...

Yes, good news about Sling Jnr. Too late now, but when you're getting over a virus, it's good to just run easy mileage.

It'll be interesting to see how the 5000 feels, what your splits are etc. I'm sure the motivation will be high once the marathon training starts.