01 January 2012

Week 1 of 12

Week 1 of 12, 55-70 miles program
Pfitz program: 13, 18, 8, 18, 8, 24 (13 MP) = 89 km
Actual: 19, 8, 11, 17, 8, 26 (13 +/- MP) = 89 km

A good start to the program. Although, I didn't follow the program to the letter, but was able to balance trainign and life commitments. Didn't miss Pfitz trademark stuffs such as 2 medium long runs & a long run, and I managed to achieve the target mileage. Out of the 2 medium long runs scheduled, I only did one the Pfitz way (80-90% MP). For the other one, I incorporated some fartlek for variety. For the weekend long run, I modified the scheduled 13k @ MP to a 13k wave tempo (alternating 1ks at 4.00s and 4.30) to teach the body to get used to varying lactate levels (a straight MP tempo will be exposed to a constant lactate production).

Looking back at 2011, it was probably the most testing year for my running. No PBs, injuries, and a string of sub-par racing were the story of 2011. Surely for next year, the only way is up !

Happy New Year everyone!

Mon 26-12-11
19 km medium long run in 93mins (av 4.53)
Felt a bit rusty this morning and after 6k at easy effort, I wasn't feelin' better. Roads were empty on Boxing Day, so I just couldn’t resist doing a bit of quick stuff in order to rejuvenate myself :p Decided to sprinkle some fartlek with long recovery in order to make the workout aerobic - 4* 6mins with 3mins recovery in between. For the 6mins fartlek, I did it as follows: 3mins @ 4.05, 2mins @ 3.57, 1min @ 3.40-3.50 min/km. Warmed down for 5k to complete 19k of medium long run.

Tue 27-12-11
8 km recovery run in 43mins (av 5.27)
Easy run around home and the river.

Wed 28-12-11
11 km easy run in 54mins (av 4.54)
Didn't sleep well last night, hence I decided to defer the medium long run by a day. Ran in the quiet neighbourhood of One Tree Hill.

Thu 29-12-11
17 km medium long run in 85mins (av 4.59)
Ran from home to Padang and did around 8k on grass including 8*20secs strides. Picked it up to moderate pace (4.40) for the last 6k.

Fri 30-12-11
8 km recovery run in 43mins (av 5.22)
Easy run around home and the river.

Sat 31-12-11
26k long run in 2h04m, including 13k @ 4.15
Too lazy to drive to ECP, prefering to workout near home. Pfitz scheduled 13k @ MP, but I felt MP stuff is a bit too early to do at this juncture. Decided to do a wave tempo, alternating 1km at pace faster than MP and 1k slower than MP, in such a way that the total pace will average at MP. Ran out and back at Margaret Drive about 3 times and a bit. Splits (min per k, HR): 4.04/155, 428/161, 4.03/164, 4.24/162, 4.03/167, 4.26/165, 4.05/168, 4.43/163 (drink), 4.05/170, 4.29/169, 4.03/172, 4.29/171, 3.52/177. Total 13k in 55.15 (av 4.15 min/km) - av HR 166, high 180. Did 5k warm up and 8k cool down.

Total 89k (6 runs) in 7h23m (av 4.59)

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Ewen said...

Yep, the only way is up! 'Wave tempo' is an interesting variation. I take it you're making mild adjustments to the Pfitz plan as you go along?

Happy New Year!